Posted by: thescoundrel | June 13, 2008

Barack Obama has Money Affair with Tony “I Don’t Know Him” Rezko

Barack Obama repeatedly claims that Rezko was just a casual acquaintance and basically shrieks —> “I dont’ know him!!”. That becomes more and more of another untruth, from the master of I did not really know him untruths, because as more and more information keeps coming out, at various Internet links, there seems to be a real money love affair going on between the two individuals! Sorry, maybe Obama did not know Rezko in the biblical sense 😉 , but it is clear that he did know him in the literal sense and use him as another piece in his political ladder climbing. Agent of Change – Nope – just another in a sea of power hungry “business as usual” politicians doing what politicians do so well —> lie, cheat, steal and back-stab their way up the “same old -same old” political ladder.



  1. Check this out and its another one that comes from no where and you can bet Obama will call it a lie when why would the democrat have a reason to lie! 🙂

  2. I am just hopeful that those in the middle, the people that will decide this election, have the desire to seek the truth about Obama. It is clear that what he is selling is, at best, a very rose-colored shade of the truth.

  3. I’m not voting for that Muslim anyway.

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