Posted by: thescoundrel | June 20, 2008

An Enduring Murder Defense – Blame the Victim

Listening to defense lawyers and their clients, every criminal is a good person and there are always extenuating circumstances as to why the client is not to blame. The “it’s not my fault” testimonial which is often part of a “blame the victim” defense always reminds me of an old David Frye joke revolving around Richard Nixon that goes; “I accept the responsibility but not the blame!”. Though funny in a comedy sketch, in real life it usually involves someone attempting to avoid accountability for a heinous crime they have committed. It is a sad statement of someone that is lacking remorse about the crime they have committed, but feeling extremely remorseful about getting caught. On Thursday a local young man just convicted of murdering his girlfriend in a jealous rage and then attempting to hide the body was trying to use the “blame the victim” because “it’s not my fault” defense in Rock Island Co. to avoid a lengthy prison term. His attempt to play the “blame the victim” struck me as particularly unrepentant with his statement: “If she wouldn’t have opened the door for me, this would have never happened“. 😯 Huh! It is her fault for opening the door that he killed her. The unapologetic words speak for themselves and display that the judge was correct in handing down a sentence of 45 years. Perhaps 45 years will give the young man enough time to consider just where his responsibility fell in the heartbreaking circumstances of events. Then again, maybe not.


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