Posted by: thescoundrel | June 20, 2008

More Inexcusable Acts of Child Abuse

It was back in April when I posted about a Quad City event involving child torture. I guess because like most of us -my Parents gave a damn and treated their children as special- it surprises me when I read about parents individuals that abuse and torture children. Back in February a five-month-old child starved to death inside his Peoria parents home as they ignored him as he sat in a snowsuit, strapped in a baby car seat for eight days, after his grandmother dropped him off. More recently in Compton Ca., a mother, her lover and a babysitter were arrested for the torture of the mother’s five year old. The child had beating and burn marks on his body and was starved to the point of a swollen belly. And despite repeated red flags thrown up with social services the only reason the boy was rescued was because the child told a stranger about his mom burning his hand. What is wrong with these people, and I use the word people loosely in these situations!!! The crimes are so horrendous I cannot even think of a fitting punishment for individuals such as these cruel child torturers. It also makes me really appreciate the fact that I, like most children, had great parents whom nurtured and cared for me . And it makes me sad to think that there are those who have or are growing up in conditions of torture and neglect.

And they are not uncommon events. 😥


  1. We think a fitting punishment would be to put them through what they did to the child. The ACLU may not like it, but we bet there wouldn’t be many repeat offenders.

  2. I wish I could say I agree Cruiser, but I just do not think it will solve the problem. I do think above and beyond any prison sentences they receive, at the very least the perpetrators should be sterilized, put on a not able to adopt list and forbidden to be alone with children for the rest of their lives. Many are repeating what they learned in childhood. I grew up with a young boy whom was physically abused by his mother. The events screwed up his head and he became a social outcast before he even graduated high school. High School kids being what they are were rough on him also. By the time he was an adult he was headed down a road that cost him jail and eventually prison time. I have not seen him in years but he was still having trouble adjusting to social expectations the last time I saw him. I worry about the kids mentioned in the articles I posted. Those that survived will face a lot of obstacles in their future – some physical, some mental. And there is always the chance that the abuse will become a learned circular pattern.

  3. It’s a terrible, terrible situation. Death is most definately deserved, I agree with cruiser on this. The most terrible death possible as well.

    However, scoundrel is correct as well – it won’t stop the behavior.

    If we are honest about this, it is a societal issue that stems from our growing narcisistic side. When “I” am the only thing that matters, how I treat others does not matter. “I” don’t like to be married, so “I” will walk. The repercussions on the kids be damned.

    Kids get in the way of “my” desires, “my” peace and quiet, “my” drinking with friends, “my, my, my.”

    I am affraid that until we learn how to make people care a little more about more than themselves, our children will be the ones that pay, either physically, or mentally.

  4. I am not an advocate of the death penalty, is fact I have blogged that before. I am an advocate of more severe punishment than our current prison system offers. Still on the rare occasion I can see the death penalty as possibly the only correct punishment. And while on most death penalty cases I would have to be excluded as a juror, on cases like that Peoria couple I would certainly go into the trial with that as a possible just punishment. I do not know how any individual (sorry but I cannot bring myself to say parent in any of these cases) can allow a kid to sit an starve to death while they go around their everyday household activities. Kids make noise when they suffer. From the description of the way the kid was found I would guess he had made plenty noise. That kid was also sitting in its own feces and urine. The smell alone should have caused these individuals to act. I know stoners and alcoholics and I do not know one that would allow a kid to sit eight days and die under the mentioned conditions. It is almost like the “nonparents” were sociopaths. Individuals like that bring out a rage in me that I cannot really explain. (I am not one to lose control of my emotions but events like these upset me so much I have a difficult time just typing this post.) 😥

  5. I would highly recommend to readers of this post that have not visited the News of Doom link I posted, to do so. It is gut wrenching to see some of the heinous acts created. Another good link on criminal events is Bonnies Blog of Crime.

    And anyone that has similar links feel free to post them. Too often these stories make headline news then fade away into oblivion as, not so unlike those Peoria Nonparents, we go about our everyday business hardening ourselves to the tragedy of life we come across.

  6. I am not necessarily an advocate of the death penalty, but I am anadvocate of an ‘ultimate detterent’ penalty, which we have net been able to find.

    If it happens to be a death penalty, I am fine with that.

    I believe in grace.
    I believe in mercy.
    I also believe in consequences.

    I believe that there are things that people do that (should) disqualify them as a member of a reasonable society.

    Jeffrey Dahmer comes to mind – as do these parents.

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