Posted by: thescoundrel | June 25, 2008

Obama to Buy Clinton Support for Ten Million Dollars

For years Microsoft has been accused of being an 800 lb. gorilla monopoly throwing its weight around and when it cannot compete with a software/computer product or the product is superior to the Microsoft product, the Microsoft either buys the company outright or finds a way to eliminate the competition. It seems that Barack Obama has taken the example to heart. It has been long rumored that Hillary Clinton told Obama the way to get her to officially withdraw from the POTUS competition and throw her full support behind Obama, was to pay off her campaign debt. The negotiations have been going on for sometime. Now it seems that Obama has found a way to finally purchase the Clinton Campaign and put it firmly in his camp. Rather than risk angering his most ardent followers, whom are fighting with the Clinton campaign followers, and directly buy off Clinton’s debt – he has instead asked his financial backers to pay off at least $10 million of her campaign debt. Buying off the competition an old tried and true business practice -that often elicits Congressional Investigations and charges of Monopoly malpractice- from the phony agent of change –> Obama. Not so strangely, after this exchange of money agreement, Hillary and Bill have agreed to back Obama as needed in his campaign. Hey and it is an even better trick when they can get others to pay the bill! Though I have to wonder, will we see congressional special sessions to investigate the transactions like we do with Microsoft and other businesses? Right…., Not in our lifetime! 😆


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