Posted by: thescoundrel | June 26, 2008

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gun Ownership

In a small but clear victory for the citizens of the USA, the Supreme Court has ruled against Big Brother Government attempts at eliminating the rights of self-preservation given to us through the Second Amendment. That amendment assures people the right to bear and own firearms. For years Big Government have tried to legislate away those rights. In this case it was ruled that the District of Columbia’s total ban on hand guns violated the rights give to USAmerican citizens under the Second Amendment. The ruling stated that the Constitution does not permit governments the absolute prohibition of weapons held and used for self-defense in the home. The decision still leaves a lot of unanswered issues in our constitutional given right to own weaponry but it was a victory for the people and a loss to places like Washington D.C. and Chicago that would strip the citizens of this country of the right to protect their family, friends, loved ones and themselves leaving them helpless against criminals. It is a small victory but a big step in the correct direction!!


  1. Now we have to wonder how much it’s going to cost the citizens of Illinois for Daley and others to fight this.

  2. Now that is a depressing thought because you know they will try and find a way to circumvent this ruling to steal the rights of gun owners away. And when Obama gets elected you know he will be looking to steal gun rights from the public also. I look for this fight to get even more down in the mud dirty than it already is.

  3. You got our drift. Since politicians have no qualms about spending money, it could get ugly. And even though they know they can’t win, they’ll throw more money at it. It’s still a win, but we feel it’s the battle that was won, not the war.

  4. Last I heard, the NRA was set to sue the City of Chicago over their handgun ban.

    Should be a hoot! A Second Amendment shootout right in Obama’s hometown.

  5. We have no car in that race; but since Mayor Daley has already said he’d fight it, how big a hit is the treasury going to take? We agree it will be fun to watch though.

  6. Cruiser, though your personal automobile may not be entered in the race, do not kid yourself about not having a personal stake in the outcome. Things like these snowball if they can find a crazy to grab an edge to hold on to. If the whacko Chicago politicians find a foothold others will follow.

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