Posted by: thescoundrel | June 27, 2008

Reclaiming the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms

Following this weeks Supreme Court decision to overturn a Washington DC law defying the Second Amendment by banning citizen handgun ownership, the Illinois Sate Rifle has filed a related suit to challenge a similar Chicago law banning the ownership of handguns. May the force be with them! The Supreme Court ruling has not went over well with Illinois Governor Rod Blagodabitch, who stated the ruling scared him or Chicago Mayor Richard Daly —> who doesn’t seem to mind that aldermen can carry weapons, it just bothers him that the citizens of his city might want the same protection. As the effects of the ruling picks up steam, it is evident that citizens across this nation will attempt to reclaim their gun ownership rights stolen by misguided politicians looking to pander to anti-gun lobbyist movements. It was good to see the Supreme Court get this ruling correct. 🙂 Hopefully the road to reclaiming our gun ownership rights from clowns like Blago and Daly has just become easier!!!!


  1. A few local QC officials tender their opinions on the Supreme Court decision.

  2. Schwiebert certainly didn’t do himself any good with his idiotic statement—blahblah— less safe— blahblah—listen to law enforcement, etc.

    sheesh! I’d say Rock Island is the one city in the ILQCs were having a gun would really be helpful to the law-abiding citizens.

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