Posted by: thescoundrel | July 1, 2008

All Hail the King of Deceit – Barack Obama

Barack Obama had another in what has become a long line of campaign “I don’t know him moments” on Monday. Over the weekend one of Obama’s attack dogs, Military Adviser Wesley Clark went on the attack of John McCain’s service record. Meanwhile on Monday, Obama hopped up on his phony pious soapbox claiming he would never attack someone’s patriotism. Well that is the kind of mistruth Obama has been spouting since his “so-called truthful” “agent of change” campaign began, as instead he had his staff member Clark attack McCain’s military service record on National TV. After the backlash started about his campaign’s attack on McCain, Obama then goes on record disowning his military adviser Wes Clark’s statements on McCain’s service record. The Obama “agent of change” campaign continues to display dirty politics as usual format instead of fresh substantial ideals. He uses his surrogates to buttress up his campaign and when he/they get in trouble he distances himself from them in Rev. Wright fashion disowning the controversial events as much as necessary. To keep his face looking innocent when dirt comes out he then pretends to not know anything about the events in question. There is absolutely nothing wrong about questioning your opponents qualifications for the job. Where Obama loses credibility is that he pretends he is above the dirty side of politics as that would spoil his “agent of change claims”. You have to wonder, if he will throw Clark under the bus like he has others who went to the front line and took political bullets while supporting his phony campaign of change?



  1. The democratic leadership should wake up and see the errs of they’re way and ask B.O. to excuse himself before the convention and relinquish the nomination to Mrs. Clinton as it should have been all along.

  2. Obama is going to have to invest in a bigger bus.

    He’s already thrown Wright, Pfleger, his white granny, Johnson, Powers, etc. under the bus, but yesterday he not only threw Clark under the bus, he threw the the whole danged crowd under!

    With all the Obama-bashing that you (and I) do, I guess it’s a good thing we’re on WordPress rather than Blogspot!

  3. Obama is not likely to step down. This is the opportunity that he has plotted for for sometime along with his mentor Emile Jones. One thing that continues to come out if you read between the lines of Obama’s record is that he is nothing more than a sock puppet. His voting record is a carefully masterpieced script by those designing the Obama Mythology Creation of Change and Hope. They tell him when and what way to vote. Even the legislation he takes claim for is often written by others then he signs on and takes credit.

    Nor is the Democrat Party going to ask him to step aside. With Obama they have the perfect Champion of the perfect Scapegoat. If he wins, and I do not see how he can lose, they have the mantle piece of a Black President to display to the world, that trumps the Republican mantle pieces created by Bush of Rice and Powell. If by some completely falling on his mythological ass, he loses, they can blame it on white racism and scream that is why our party is superior rallying call. It is a win-win either way for the Democrat Party with Obama running.

  4. Obama is going to need a tank to roll over his surrogates at this rate. Isn’t Google also affiliated with Word Press since sometime last year? I still prefer WordPress over all the other formats I looked at. And if you are not a Blogger member posting on many of the Blogger sites is more work than it is worth.

  5. You are probably right—for some reason I got the impression that the only blogs being targeted were Blogspot, but as you know, it doesn’t take much to bamboozle me about the internet tubes. 😀

  6. I would think more likely that I am wrong as I have not found out anything that states they are associated. Maybe I confused it with the Google buyout of Blogger. I actually have a Blogger account, I just never set up a blog there. Since I joined WordPress I have rarely signed in to the account. I do not know if it is even still active.

  7. Here is a link that asks: is Valerie Johnson the next Obama compatriot to get tossed under the bus?

    The article also has a Boston Globe link that goes in to further description about the Obama the slum lord connections.

    The Virginian said about Obama/Rezko.

    The Chicago Sun Times points out that the Obama-Rezko connections were not approached and were kept under seal until after the primary.

    Links were found at Rezkorama.

  8. Wow, your quite blunt… But I like every word of it. On my website I have a video of Obama lies, you should check it out.

  9. Blunt, perhaps. I tend to think I just say what is on my mind and post links to the information that directs my attention.

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