Posted by: thescoundrel | July 2, 2008

Rod Blagojevich – Impeach or Not – That is the Expensive Question

Illinois legislators are still kicking around the idea of impeaching current Governor Rod Blagojevich. Recently House Democrats were given a report to outlining their options in removing the Governor. I am both hot and cold on the idea of impeaching Blago. I do think the state would run smoother without the clown but the odds are he will just be replaced with a new and unimproved version of the current failure. With his name getting tossed about like a beachball in the Rezko trial it is probably only a matter of time before someone files criminal charges against Blago. I do not think that the House Democrats are all that interested in what criminal activity Blago might have been involved in with Rezko. I think that they just see it as a way to rid them of what has become more of a nemesis in the state legislation operations and a nasty cancer within the State Democrat party. However as much as I would like to see Blago go, I wonder if it would not be a cleaner separation and easier on the state if they just let the justice system have a go at the Gov before they started spending excessive time and money on a trial. It sounds like an expensive time-consuming event at a time when we are already short of the funds needed to run this state. Of course tomorrow I will probably be screaming –>impeach the bum and run him out of office then give him a jail cell next to George Ryan.



  1. I doubt it would do much good to just lop off one head of the Illinois govenment’s three-headed monster—Jones and Madigan would have to go too.

    The only way that will happen is if the GOP gets control of at least one house, and that won’t happen until the Democrats bring Armageddon upon the land—which they are poised to do.

    The Democrats own the disaster that is IL government and they will have to be destroyed before it can be rebuilt—-just getting rid of Blago won’t fix our problems here.

    So I say let’s keep Blago and hope he brings down the whole awful Illinois Democrat Party with him.

  2. I would like to impeach them all and start from scratch. I would also like for the state to do away with party recognition and force candidates to run on their own merits.

  3. I called for impeaching Rod long ago. What better way for the Illinois Democratic party to take a stand for integrity than running this joker down the road. But just like our friend Tiger, They don’t listen either.

  4. There is no integrity in politics only different levels of power trips and ego stroking. The farther up the political ladder the bigger the circle jerk.

  5. This Gov. is a complete moron. He and his Democratic ‘Brothers and Sisters’ have ruined this state. Ruined to a point we may never get out.
    Most notably he pins a last minute mandate to give free rides to seniors, the largest growing part of this population, and pins it on Metra to get it done. Then after it bankrupts the system, Blag says he is going to fire everybody for mismanagement. He is such a moron. We are taxed out of our socks in Illinois and Cook County yet this jerk moron wants to bury us worse. It is well known that he wants to be President some day as his pal Tony Rezko worked to that end. How is it that this moron is still in office. Impeach him now, for offenses against the people of Illinois, cause we’ve never had a worse gov. ever.

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