Posted by: thescoundrel | July 4, 2008

Rod Blagojevich – in a State of Denial or Just Gone Crazy

Perhaps someone needs to give Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich, a wake-up call and a psychological test afterwards! Is the Governor is denial or has he just gone crazy after all these years of Illinois Democrat power strangleholds? The Governor has been interviewed by the Feds numerously over his connections with Tony Rezko. His name came up numerous times in the Rezko trial. He has angered all but his closest allies within the Illinois Democrat Party. Those few close allies left, like Obama Myth Creator Emile Jones, are all that stands between Blago and impeachment by his own political party. Yet when asked by reporters (Reporters asking questions 😯 is actual reporting back in vogue or are they just filling up some required question quota?) Blagodabitch responded with words like absurd, ridiculous, stupid and basically told the questioners to “go away” in a lot less pleasant terms than my quotationed words. Hmm is the man asleep at the wheel, totally clueless or just in a state of denial? Or maybe he is hoping his connections to an Obama/Emile Jones/Richard Daly presidency will help him stay on top of Illinois politics. It is certain that Obama has enough campaign money to make a lot of stink go away. Personally I think Blago is just in denial. I do not see Daly or Obama risking their current power structure and/or power moves to save Blago. Of course that could change depending on just what Blago knows and is willing to tell and if needed can Blago’s silence be bought.



  1. Rezko-Blago-Obama the connections are discussed in several articles at the Chicago Sun Times.

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  3. […] another in the group of political thugs, out of the Chicago region, that is destroying this state. He is also the strong arm thug of our hopefully soon to be residing in a State Penitentiary, Governo…. Now Jones will no longer be there to protect Uncle Roddy’s derrière. Awe shucks! Of course […]

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