Posted by: thescoundrel | July 9, 2008

Iran Unzips Pants and Exposes Itself to the World

Today Iran unzipped its pants and flashed the world with its Mullahs’ manhood. The exposure of their John-Holmes-Wannabe hardware displays Iran’s lack of noble intentions and objectives. I do not know the final location where this event will take us to down the road, but it is probably not good and is sure to be a very bumpy ride. When you factor in the nuclear enrichment questions surrounding Iran it makes that bumpy ride also a scary episode. Considering the messages that Israel has already expressed over the possibility of Iran going nuclear it could go from a scary bumpy ride to all out nasty war with the rest of the world waiting to be sucked into the fray. Factoring in the worldwide tension already created by the astronomical escalation of oil prices, this situation only turns up the heat on a pressure cooker already close to explosion levels. I see no optimistic motives from this act of public exposure.

What can you do after an event like this but join in a chorus of Moch-Mood The Mahmoud Song!



  1. The fact that this is even happening makes me even more PO’d at our political class than I was before.

    Jimmy Carter didn’t deal with the mad mullahs and neither did successive POTUS and Congresses.

    Maybe when we have to pay $10 a gallon for gas, we will finally wise up to the politicians who have been playing us for fools for over 30 years.

    Or maybe not.


  2. What would you do about this Scoundrel and Madam QCE? I’ve said many times what i would do. I need to know what you on the right and self proclaimed Independents would do. Please enlighten me.

  3. The Middle East is not a realistic place for negotiating. Every attempt has been a failure. I have said this before. It is like trying to negotiate a feud between a Hatfield and McCoy situation. At best you can hope to limit their damage. The only way to do that is to destroy their economy by changing the World’s addiction to energy from oil to a replenishable source we control. It is better to be the dealer than the junkie. Once you cut off their incoming gold from the oil they use to bite the hands that feed them, their bite is considerably lessened. But as usual we are thirty years behind in doing what we should have done.

  4. May well be thiry more years before we do what needs to be done. What sucks is I have 300 shares of Ford and I see nothing where it is actually developing a quality alternative fuel vehicle. Some damn company from overseas will do it and I’ll have 300 pieces of toilet paper. Long term thinking is not a priority for American business it seems.

  5. If it takes thirty years to find a viable alternative energy source, and it would not surprise me if it did, it will not matter which company comes out with the earliest hybrid. Because if it takes thirty years then evidently the earliest hybrids are not marketable. Most I have seen are not. Asking the average American family to pay the costs for these new hybrids will see a lot of balking at changing over. There is no real savings when you consider the cost of a new hybrid vs. what you can run on a vehicle you already own. Heck I refuse to even buy a new automobile of any type. Until the new is worn off and the price sticker down in reasonable territory I refuse to buy. I can get just as good of use out of older model high mileage vehicles as I can brand new ones, at a fraction of the cost.

  6. Now it seems the picture of the rocket launch was photoshopped!

  7. Thanks for the link QC. Yea that photoshop story does not really surprise me. I usually follow this stuff over on Kamangir’s site as he keeps up to date on what is happening over there. I just never got around to checking his site to see what information he has on the rockets.

  8. You run a tough blog Scoundrel. That’s the first time the word “fool” has been censored in my memory. It wasn’t meant to be an attack but as an observation.

  9. There are ways to use the word fool in which it is not an attack. But I have yet to see you use it in any form on a blog that is not in attack mode.

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