Posted by: thescoundrel | July 19, 2008

ICE Raid in Chicago Apprehends Illegal Immigrant Gang Members

Just weeks following one of the biggest raids of illegal immigrants that took place in Iowa where over 300 individuals were arrested, ICE has staged a smaller but notable raid in Chicago. The raid in Chicago was targeting gang members and netted 49 individuals of which 48 were Illegal immigrants. Though the raid was much smaller in size, getting 49 gang members off the street in one swoop is a significant effort. The real trick is to keep them off the street. There are already individuals denouncing the arrest. When it comes to gang members, personally I would prefer to see some type of long-term incarceration that revolves around solitary confinement, restricted visitation rights and total isolation from the rest of the prison population. And for any gang (or mafia) members involved in violent crimes, any release should require an agreement to wear some sort of permanent tracking device that would result in a life sentence if it is removed without approval.



  1. You know, this is what drove me crazy about the whole “we need comprehensive immigration reform” thing.

    Uh no we don’t—we just need to enforce the laws we already have.


  2. That has always been the problem with a lot of laws. Too many are just not enforced. The powers that be prefer to have the police set up road blocks and run safety checks than actually chase criminals. The safety checks bring in revenue, chasing criminals wrecks budgets.

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