Posted by: thescoundrel | July 20, 2008

Chicago Suburb Just Says No to Baggy Pants

The Chicago suburb of Lynwood, Illinois has passed an ordinance that fines individuals whom wear pants that the waist band droops down below their hips. The fine is $25. The ACLU is already shrieking their fool heads off. I think the law is sensible though probably redundant since most cities have dress code laws against lewd behavior. Perhaps the city is just using this law as a way of defining lewd behavior. Probably if most of the “styling guys” knew what the looks origin, many of them would not go around flashing their a$$ in public in the first place. The kicker is – I am not sure how a busy police force would find actual time to enforce the law.



  1. On top of making these people look more like chimps is the fact that with pants as baggy as they’re worn, a lot of weapons can be hidden. We saw one one video where a kid pulled several guns out of the baggy pants he was wearing.

  2. they could enforce the law in schools? i’m tired of seeing people’s underwear… though that is a mite better than arse cleavage!

  3. That does not surprise me Cruiser.

    Sulz, I have a hard time believing how parents let their kids dress for school. My parents would have taken a switch to me for dressing like these lewd slobs, even after I became an adult.

    Maybe they are expressing their hidden gay urges. According to the article I posted a link it is a prison style used to let other guys know that the individual is willing to play the catchers position for sex.

  4. eww, really? (i mean, for gays that’d be alright but not if the guy who wears his pants like that is not!) i’d keep that in mind to tease guys i know who wear pants that way. 😛

  5. 😆 Just copy the “styling guys” link and pass it on. LOL if the guys in “styling” mode read the link it would probably do more damage to the style than all the laws ever passed.

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