Posted by: thescoundrel | July 20, 2008

Government and Companies Feuding With Truck Drivers

The Quad City Times had an article talking about where some companies, states and municipalities are attempting to regulate the amount of time truckers allow their rigs to idle during rest periods. If you factor in the way driving time is already regulated by legislation it sounds like an unrealistic idea. It does not seem practical to me to tell a driver he is supposed to spend his required down time and/or sleeping periods in a rig without heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer. Even short runs can run into lengthy idling time. I have seen drivers stuck in stop and go waiting situations that require an extreme amount of idling where it would not have been realistic to expect them to turn off their trucks and restart them over and over and over gain. It is a damned if you do – damned if you don’t situation. I tend to agree with the thoughts of the individual speaking their mind over at the Truck Drivers United site: the regulations are forcing disproportionate hardships on the individuals where their place of business also happens to be their truck.



  1. You’ve probably seen this already, but when Al Gore gave his big energy speech the other day demanding we all change the way we get around (i.e. ride bicycles, etc.) he evidently didn’t think to include himself with those who must sacrifice.

    He arrived, not in his Prius, but with two big honkin’ Lincoln Town Cars and a Chevy Suburban SUV.

    As if that hypocrisy wasn’t enough, one of the Town Cars was left idling for 20 minutes with the AC cranked up waiting to whisk Gore’s wife and daughter away after the speech.

    Sheesh! You can’t make this stuff up, and unfortunately this over-the-top arrogance displayed by Gore is getting to be so common, it’s hardly worth blogging about—it would be like blogging about the sun coming up in the east every day! 😀

  2. Gore is a hypocrite. He looks down upon the rest of the country as his personal fiefdom where we have to make the sacrifices so he can live the Royal lifestyle. And the pathetic part is so many people worship him and they keep defending him like a battered wife that defends an abusive husband.

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