Posted by: thescoundrel | July 22, 2008

State of Illinois Legislators Fleecing the Sheep

A recent study printed in the Chicago Tribune about how the $4.7 million of Illinois after-school grant money was being used in Chicago is another example of how the Democrat Party’s vise lock on power in the State is bankrupting Illinois. This is a pet program of Governor Blagodabitch and several Democrat State Senators. The story is painful to read in more ways than one. The story talks how 44 of the 48 programs receiving special aid that were reviewed had been sponsored by Chicago Democrat State Senator Rickey Hendon. Of those 44 recipients, 21 could be traced back as contributors and campaigners for Hendon. The authors of the article researched many of the organizations that received money and about half were dubious in nature. Some locations did not even look operational while others had individuals with questionable financial pasts operating the institutions. Many owe money to the federal government for past transgressions. And of the 48 grants, only 11 were established charitable organizations. Hendon who is part of Pork Barrel King Emile Jones (yup – the Barack Obama mentor himself) team, defended his approval of the grants by stating he just hands out the money as long as they registered with the State and can spell his first name correct. (According to the article other misspellings on the form are acceptable.) The sad part of this story is that there are people and organizations across the state that could have used this money that is being wasted. Plus when you consider how the legislative branches are currently bumping heads with the Gov. over how to balance the budget, it kind of makes you wish you could bounce all of their heads off the wall a few times while rescuing your tax money that is being stolen from your family needs by these clowns. I do not know which is more of a supreme cruel joke; that the apathetic voters of this State keep voting all these Scoundrels and Scalawags that are fleecing the sheep back into office or that one of their comrade Chicago Scalawag Politicians – Barack Obama – is on the fast track to becoming POTUS. 😥

This is the link to the Chicago Tribune article with all the Exasperatingly Painful details! 😥



  1. Thanks for doing the hard work by posting on this.

    When I read about this Hendon thing several days ago (AP, I think), I was fuming and had it saved to work on later—you’ll notice this “program” was for the chillllldren. But then I found the Jerry Pournelle thing for a “Quote Of The Day”, which was easier to do, but still summed up my opinion about taxes and the politicians who squander them and use them to reward their friends, families and donors.

    Grrrr! There doesn’t seem to be any will, politically or otherwise, to do anything about this fraud and waste—it seems it’s just the cost of doing “bidness” for the government.


  2. Is there any wonder they are having trouble balancing a five million budget when the Scalawags and Scoundrels have entrenched themselves so deeply into the financial and power infrastructures of the State of Illinois. I have said this before one party dominance only leads to corruption. As the saying goes –>Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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