Posted by: thescoundrel | July 24, 2008

Italians Adopt Get-Tough Illegal Immigration Policy

A story over on the BBC says Italy is taking a get-tough stance against illegal immigrants with increased penalties for transgressions. The article states new rules can include jail time of up to four years instead of deportation. Illegal immigrants will also face sentences of 1/3 longer periods of incarceration time than Italian citizens committing similar crimes. The one possible part of the new law I would disagree with is that individuals who rent to illegal aliens could have their property confiscated. I am not against penalizing individuals that are intentionally renting to illegal aliens though I think it is an impossibility to administrate fairly. First it is way to easy to get phony identification limiting a landlords ability to discern a legal resident from an illegal immigrant. The other problem would be from people feeling discriminated against. This type of program would require the landlord to require proof of citizenship from each and every potential renter. So it only works if each and every citizen and immigrant are required to carry proof of citizenship and legal residence. Heck I have seen individuals throw temper tantrums when a hotel asked them for proper identification. I do not have a problem with that requirement, but a national identification program would be necessary for a landlord to administer and check proof of legal residence. Other than that the Italian strategy looks like a sensible way to help reduce illegal immigrant problems.

Link to the BBC article.



  1. I like this idea. It may not be the best, but at least they are trying to do something. We had some attempts to crack down on illegals in the North Texas area, but it was met with large protests (large masses of people waving the Mexican flag) and lawsuits. I don’t understand why some think it’s OK to be ILLEGAL! C’mon People…

  2. You don’t like the penalty of confiscating a landlord’s property? Doesn’t sound like you want to get tough on illegal immigration at all to me. It sounds like you just like the idea of punishing poor brown people. The illegal immigrants would not be coming here if they could not find jobs and places to live. US citizens who hire and rent to illegal immigrants are the cause of illegal immigration and the only solution that gets to the cause of the problem would be to confiscate landlord’s property and put people who hire illegal immigrants in jail. That’s what really getting tough on illegal immigration would look like.
    Anything else is just political posturing and punishing the victims.

  3. As usual Dave you cannot get past your tunnel vision looking to attack or insult someone. I suggest you re-read the post. I said I have no problem with punishing landlords that intentionally rent to illegal immigrants. I just do not think that there is way for a landlord to properly check out potential renters without a strict National Identification system. Even then the ID cards will be rampant with fraud and counterfeit cards. I did not talk about punishing employers in this post. But I have said in numerous previous posts on this blog and other blogs that you read, that to properly deal with the illegal immigrant problem a way has to be found to harshly punish employers whom are intentionally hiring illegal immigrants. The problem once again will be sorting out honest mistakes and those whom are abusing the system.

    Sorry about your deaf, dumb and blind tunnel vision comprehension.

  4. Yeah hefebear the government has been ignoring the illegal immigration problem for way too long. They prefer to pretend that they are solving the problem by doing absolutely nothing.

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