Posted by: thescoundrel | July 26, 2008

Yee Haw The Next Spa Trend – Skin Eating Fish

An AP article informs us that a northern Virginia Spa is offering its customers a unique experience in pampering. It seems they have imported tiny carp as part of a treatment to remove dead skin from people feet before a pedicure. The fish are toothless and nibble off dead skin while leaving the healthy skin alone. It sounds like an interesting idea. It reminds me of the working relationship between Pilot Fish and Sharks where the smaller fish hangs around with the shark cleaning up leftovers, sometimes cleaning the sharks mouth and even cleaning external parasites off the shark. It sure sounds less abusive than the pumice stones I use on my feet. I just wonder if they could also figure out a way to turn them loose on my knees and elbows that would not require me borrowing a speedo and walking in the shallow end of a swimming pool filled with the little carnivorous critters. 😈

Here is the link to the Yahoo!/Ap article by Mathew Barakat.



  1. I should have known you’d be blogging about this! 😀

    Talk about the ewwwwww! factor—if I was heavily sedated, I could maybe tolerate the fish pedicure, but just the thought of lowering myself into a tank of water to be nibbled all over by fish—-blech! Gack!

  2. I would have been glad to have them little fishys nibble at my feet when I was a kid or even now. When I was a kid my feet were constantly peeling. Now they are extremely dry with heavy calluses. I have to pumice them regularly. Ever so often I go to a podiatrist and she uses some kind of Dremel-like grinding tool on them. You would think she was in woodworking class. Maybe I should open up my own local fish spa and then I could use the fish for free. The fish can’t be any worse than some of the other things I have been subjected to in the name of medical science. At the age of 17 I had a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot. The foot was so sore it was next to impossible to stand on it most days. The Doctor would stick a needle full of drugs in the center of the wart (the most painful spot on my foot) to deaden the area then would literally burn the flesh out from the area. The Doctor performed this about a half dozen times over about a two month period and still wound up sending me to a podiatrist who said the only problem was that the GP doctor was not burning deep enough in to the foot. So he shot my foot with pain killers and burned deeper. It did get rid of the wart but the foot still has sympathy pains from where they burned it out so much. So a few little nibbling fish ain’t gonna bother me to much. 😉

    Besides it could be worse. We could still be following the medical philosophy of Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber. Get some boars vomit and the Caladrius Bird Broom Gilda! Take two pints of blood from that one and apply the maggots and blood leeches over there. Of course this day and age instead of charging a fat goose as a fee the Dr. would be looking for some equipment for his Mercedes Benz as the exchange! (I wonder if you need a PhD and licensing in this era to practice medieval medicine? With practices like this and acupuncture growing in popularity medieval medicine might be a real money maker!)

  3. Yikes! That must have been one evil wart. Years ago I had a plantar wart on one of my fingers and I just used some over the counter liquid stuff that took the wart off in about a week.

    What you endured should be classified as torture!

  4. Yeah well I would have taken pictures except the nasty looking black hole in the bottom of my foot you could have laid a marble inside. Just as bad was the stench when they burn the flesh off. Yew! I guess they use laser to burn them out now, maybe the aftereffects are not so nasty.

  5. fish spas are the rage here in malaysia. apparently it feels ticklish but after that your feet feels soft and smooth. my feet looks alright to me, so if i were to give it a go it’d only be for novelty reasons. 🙂

  6. i have a question, i have a wart on my finger now, ive had it frozen but they never seem to go away. Since a wart is merely dry skin cells, would it be feasible to stick my hand in water with tiny flesh eating carp? Would they be able to eat the wart away while i am being tickled?

    this seams like a better solution than paying $$$ for laser surgery, or having a nurse shove painful needles in my skin. I would rather have fish eat it off, is that weird? and where can i do this!?

  7. Warts are caused by a virus. I am not sure it would do any good to have it eaten off by the fish. That would be like cutting it off – you probably would not get to the root. It would just grow back. I had a plantar wart on my foot and it took several times being burned out to get it all.

  8. sounds fun ,what type of fish and what size are they?

  9. Looks like the original link has died and went to Internet heaven. Here is another link talking about the fish.

  10. Thanks for finally talking about >Yee Haw The Next Spa Trend – Skin Eating Fish | Samaritans Scalawags Scoundrels Fleecing the Sheep <Loved it!

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