Posted by: thescoundrel | July 28, 2008

After Postville – Time to Create Harsher Penalties

A lot of bloggers on both the right and left are always complaining that government agencies do not do their jobs. So when a government agency actually does its job – what happens? Well in the case of ICE, people looking to hamper justice and enable criminals –>protested ICE performing their job properly. The raid by ICE on the Postville, Iowa meatpacking plant was a government agency doing what they were supposed to be doing, checking for illegal immigrants! If the people are not here in this country legally then they are breaking the law, which makes them criminals. Criminals get arrested, although not as often as they should be. It is sad that families will be affected by the raid, but anytime criminals are arrested, it effects families. Our borders have become too porous and the leaks need to be stopped. This can only be achieved by making it more difficult to cross and by making it a barren wasteland financially for those whom squeeze through the cracks. Fences need to be built, federal raids on businesses whom employ illegal aliens need to become more frequent. The events in Postville displays it is time to get serious about preventing illegal immigration. Harsh penalties need to be implemented that make it more costly and detrimental for illegal aliens that get caught and those employers that knowingly abuse the system to hire illegal aliens.



  1. Enough already,Send your cleanex to Postville. And anybody else who supports these illegal immigrants.Sure,I have a lot of friends who are hispanic,and they feel the same way.Send all these illegal immigrants back to their legal country.Dont get me wrong here,I support anybody who values improving there life and seeking new opportunities.How ever,All these undocumented immigrants are whats destroying our economy.They get paid with our money,but dont pay taxes,they use our health benefits,but dont contribute.They take our social securities,but dont contribute to that either.Where does this leave us? We are being robbed,they are basicly thieves no matter how you look at it.I am honored to have ICE,Its time for all these illegal immigrants to pay up or get out.

  2. With all due respect to a previous poster, Gary, you really should have taken advantage of the taxpayer funded education you received free-of-charge as a youngster. It is obvious from your misspellings and your ignorance on the subject of undocumented immigrants that you either were asleep or that you cut class at every opportunity. Gary, it pays to pay attention. Now wake up.

    To wit, your statement that undocumented immigrants are destroying our economy and don’t pay taxes. Granted that while some are operating in the “gray” economy in which they’re paid cash “under the table”, most undocumented workers use either an ITIN or a made-up SSN when it’s time to settle up with the IRS come April 15th. Both Social Security (no, Gary, it’s not “social securities” – if you don’t believe me, take a minute to look it up) and state/federal income taxes are deducted from their paychecks, just as they are from yours and mine if we’re not trying to get out of paying our rightful share. The federal government estimates that, to date, undocumented workers have paid upwards of $600 BILLION in Social Security taxes that they will never see a nickel of. Remember that, Gary, as you plan your retirement. These undocumented workers are just about the only reason that the Social Security fund is still solvent. (It’s no wonder the politicians are so reluctant to do the right thing and pass comprehensive immigration reform.) If these workers suddenly disappeared tomorrow, you’d likely be working as a WalMart greeter into your late 80’s. Multiple studies have proven that undocumented workers are a net GAIN to the economy, not a loss. Again, look it up – and I don’t mean on some hate-mongering website, but on a site maintained by a scholarly gorup or independent foundation. You know, somebody with some education. I know that you mean well, but next time you have something to say, I suggest that you do your homework first (which you apparently didn’t do as a school boy) or you’ll run the risk of looking like an ignorant rube again. And just in case you’re Jewish or Christian, I suggest that you spend a few minutes and consult your Bible. You’ll be surprised at what you’ll find about how God commands us to treat the immigrants.

    Gary, the issue of immigration is indeed complex. You certainly have a right to sound off. But if you want anyone to take your opinion seriously, be sure that you know what you’re talking about. There is no virtue in hatred.

  3. There is nothing free about a government funded education unless you are not paying taxes. And the quality of that education looks bleaker and bleaker when you consider the returns parents are getting from their tax money. That is as much a problem of a society that glamorizes careers such as actors, athletes, lawyers and low-grade politicians that extract from society far more than they offer back. But that is another topic and another rant.

    I am all for immigration performed in a a legal and orderly fashion. I think emigrants add flavor, cohesion and longevity to a society. But anytime the process gets out of control it is like trying to keep cramming groceries in a carrying sack, the seams eventually burst. The process must be controlled. And as ineffective as the Democrats and Republicans have made our government they are the only option in controlling this process , short of vigilantism. And that is where the situation is headed. Immigration must be a controlled event. Immigration can only be controlled when illegal entry into the country is stopped. That can only happen when we start enforcing existing laws and creating harsh laws for repeat offenders.

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