Posted by: thescoundrel | July 30, 2008

Why the Iraq War was Inevitable

I have stated before that I personally felt that though we “may or may not” have entered into the Iraq War prematurely, war with Iraq was inevitable as long as Saddam Hussein and/or his Sons were in charge of the country. However today rather than repeat and expand on my own assertions about why I thought the war was foreseeable and practically impossible to avoid I am posting a link to an article by author, lecturer and history instructor Arthur Herman where he extrapolates on various intelligence information, political circumstances and statements involving Presidents G. Bush Sr., W. Clinton, G. Bush Jr., their staff, US legislators and international events that produced Herman’s reasoning on why he felt war with Iraq was inevitable. I do not know much about the author but I actually agree with much of his reasoning and some of it is very similar to my individual viewpoints concerning the events leading to the current Iraq War. On topic and civil comments or discussion -critical or supportive- about the information contained in the Herman article are always welcome.

Why the Iraq War was inevitable article link.

Sorry but due to my schedule for the next few days, comments may not show up as soon as normal. 😦



  1. I am tired of this war but the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein. We will never identify the amount of people that his command tortured and murdered and the many more that would have resulted under his tyrannical rule. The cost of removing the villain was high but the effort was necessary.

  2. Kim.

    Don’t you find it curious that of all the dictators in the world, of which there are dozens, all equally “evil” and equally as brutal and all who’ve killed and slaughtered their own people as much if not more than Sadaam, that the Bush administration has managed to get you and millions of others to believe, almost without question, that somehow it was only Sadaam which posed a threat?

    That it was only Sadaam who had to be stopped?

    Do you sincerely believe for one split second that the Bush administration gave a damn about Sadaam’s human rights record?

    Did you hear Bush or anyone associated with him EVER mention any of the other brutal dictators or perhaps the ongoing genocide in Darfur?

    Hell no! Why?

    Because Sadaam posed zero threat to us and likely never would have. The only reason you’ve been lead to believe he was somehow such a menace that we needed to squander thousands of our soldiers lives and shatter their families forever and to spend trillions of dollars desperately needed here in our own country is…..

    Sadaam had the bad fortune to be sitting on top of the oil that Bush and gang wanted.

    There’s simply no other credible reason.

    And to think it was because Bush … and America, somehow feels it’s duty is to rid the world of every bad leader is similar to believing in the Easter Bunny.

    It just doesn’t hold water. We let dozens of murderous dictators do whatever they want, and they’re not even mentioned by Bush or anyone else. Several we actually give massive aide to and train their murderous thugs.

    So don’t be so naive. If you want to speculate on why we invaded a country who didn’t attack us and posed no threat to our country, at least try to suggest something plausible.

    Like we wanted that oil.

  3. What a great link!

    It continues to amaze me that so many people believe the war with Iraq was just something GWB cooked up after 9/11.

    PS: I feel your pain about “real life” intruding on blogging life—it’s so annoying! 😀

  4. I can’t speak for the rest of the world but S. Hussein was a malignant cancer needing excised. Oil was just another conspiracy theory being bandied about by those trying to make bloody-hand political gains off the war they voted for. Are some companies making money off the war. No doubt. Companies always makes money off war. And in the case of Iraq they better be making damned good money. For at any time the money and equipment could easily become lost expenses, and probably will the minute our troops leave the country in force. But the Iraq War was inevitable. Of course, it was a war that has never really ended since we originally attacked under Bush Sr. It was a war that started under Daddy Bush and was extended under Bill Clinton until finally inherited by Bush Junior. The difference being that Bush Jr. sent back in ground troops to remove the malignant S. Hussein tumor that was growing back under a corrupt oil for food program.

    There was never any doubt once Bush Jr. was elected that he would find a reason to finish the job off. He was a white-hat sheriff in his own mind that would clean up the problems his daddy started in Iraq. After 9-11 we had 300 million people, including an executive branch and legislative branch of government, walking around in daily fear and soiled underwear. We stumbled in Afghanistan and let the big fish get away thanks to numerous reasons. Then, just as now, we cannot really afford to compromise our position with a real nuclear power in Pakistan and we still needed to physically punish someone. Over a decade of fear and worrying by Democrats and Republicans about Saddam Hussein’s weapons capability had built up enough animosity in our culture that coupled with information from an intelligence agency that was not equipped for the job that was thrust on them, Iraq was the target of our vengeance. Nor was it wrong to direct our vengeance at that country. He was a brutal dictator that was a growing threat at a very vulnerable time in our history. There was still a state of War with Iraq, our best intelligence said that they had never truly cleaned up their WMD stockpile (it was proved somewhat correct as old canisters were found that were supposed to have already been destroyed), Hussein was ignoring the requirements of the ceasefire agreement by not complying with weapons inspectors, he even admitted before his death that he was intentionally giving the impression he had WMDs, his bank accounts were getting fat off the oil for food program, he was secretly seeking alliances with groups hostile to our country including trying to cozy up to Al Qaeda. He was in essence pointing a gun at our heads and screaming that he was going to pull the trigger.

    The reason we sent ground troops is not conspiracy laden. The invasion of Iraq is an Occam’s Razor solution. Saddam Hussein was waving a gun at our country and claiming it was loaded. Our legislative and our executive branches, granted they were driven by fear, correctly answered back by sending in troops to take away that gun before a brutal dictator, that has a proven track-record of voracious violence, could pull the trigger on his weapons. That is the real reason we invaded Iraq. All the conspiracies are just political ploys by people looking for political gain.

  5. Yeah QcEx the article does cover a lot of good information. Much of the information is readily available by numerous sources on the Internet. Our government leaders, at all levels, are sinners not saints. They usually recognize an enemy when they see one. They saw that in Saddam Hussein. However they also like to find ways to wedge themselves out a bigger piece of the political power pie during times of crisis. This crisis has brought out the worst in power seeking politicians.

    I will be paying for “real life” decisions today. I had previous business scheduled but I have canceled it and now I have to reschedule. Oh well, that is real life. But I have changed directions for today.

  6. Remember when Clinton was President Scoundrel. Remember when your talking head Rush Limbaugh lambasted Clinton for interfering in other countries like Bosnia. Rush said “We can’t afford it!” Bush becomes Presdent and now you right wing f…. say we can’t afford not to. But you jokers aren’t worried about paying for it anyway because Bush has laid the 9 trillion dollar debt on the next several generations.

    this post edited for personal attacks.

    Oracle, you want to voice your opinion, it is more than welcome here. I welcome all opinions pro and con, but personal attacks are verboten. I have edited the various attacks out of your post. I either edit or simply 86 posts that contain personal attacks. I am a baseball fan but on this board you get one strike and then get put on moderation.

  7. Oracle, I have criticized him at time but this blog has never sang the praises of Rush. He does actually come up with good points at times but he usually buries them in his pompous windbagging. And if you had actually bothered to read some of my posts on Clinton here and at other blogs you would know that I have stated that the Republican Party were playing political games with his Presidency in a similar manner that Democrats are playing with the Bush presidency. I personally think Clinton pooched his political legacy for some tail. I have also said that if Clinton had not been so busy fighting off Republican political attacks over his woman chasing, he more than likely would have done the correct thing himself and sent in ground troops to remove Saddam instead of just bombing the country, shooting down their jets and killing off a million of the Iraqi children through starvation and blockading of medical treatment. In retrospect the Republicans probably did him a favor. As to the cost of this war it is a moot point. There is no way too figure out the cost of possible events to this country had Saddam succeeded in reestablishing his WMD to the point it was at its heyday. And he was sure trying to do that very thing. Considering the financial, infrastructure and piece of mind cost following 9-11 terrorist attack, that cost of a Saddam Hussein led attack would have been far more expensive than the money we are spending on the war. That does not even factor in the uproar there would have been over not have done something with the evil beforehand. Our problem with the cost is we are walking on eggshells in Iraq. Normally i would say blow the hell out of the country and walk away. But if we leave the country without rebuilding it to a level to protect itself the risk of it returning back to a unmanageable hotbed increases exponentially. That is something that would also increase our expenses.

    Wow my computer just had a twilight zone minute. 😆 It time/date stamped this post January 1, 1970 at 12:00 am.

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