Posted by: thescoundrel | August 4, 2008

Another OJ Simpson Henchman Takes Plea Bargain

As part of the eternally lasting OJ Simpson saga, another of his codefendants has taken a plea bargain in the Las Vegas chapter of what is sure to become part of an eventual best selling autobiography titled “OJ Simpson – My Crimes and Punishment.” OJ Simpson henchman Charles Ehrlich, from the Las Vegas event, has agreed to testify against Simpson in his upcoming trial. This makes a total of four of his co-conspirators in the Las Vegas incident that will be testifying against OJ Simpson. You have to wonder if this is enough to secure a conviction of Simpson or will he once again display a Teflon ability to escape justice. Either way this is sure to continue to slow OJ’s extensive search among the golf courses of the world for his wife’s killer. 🙄



  1. It’s not looking good this time. But last time it was looking worst and he got away with it, so…

  2. Yup, never underestimate the value of lawyer scum!

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