Posted by: thescoundrel | August 5, 2008

Child Neglect – Stupid is as Stupid Does

What started out as a story about possible child abandonment is starting to look like a series of brainless actions performed by callous adults! The story is not clear as it differs between which media version you read but it looks like another case that started with a parent(s) who chose to party-party-party over the welfare of a child. The mother left the child in the care of individuals (a man she simply new as “Doc” and his aunt) she was staying with while she went out for merrymaking at another location. According to the Barb Ickes column those individuals had not agreed to take care of the child. Sometime after the mother left the house, Doc’s aunt took the baby to a nearby group of the mother’s friends outside drinking and partying and then abandoned the baby with that group of drunken individuals. The scary part is that out of all the adults involved in this repulsive sequence of events; the drunken individuals who quickly got tired of a baby disturbing their party mode made the closest to an adult decision concerning the welfare of the child. In what was clearly a case of doing the right thing for the wrong reason, they created a story (not an entirely false story considering the events) about the child being abandoned and called the police to pickup the child. Child goes to protective custody, mom gets arrested and her picture in the paper. What is wrong with this picture? Not one adult displayed one iota of responsibility!!! 😡 Every adult in this scenario was as much a perpetrator of child neglect as the mother. And where is the father of this child and why is he not taking some responsibility for this child? Is this a version of a Britney Spears meltdown? At least this child may have a chance to eventually lead a normal life as he survived this sequence of adult stupidity and heartlessness. Hopefully there will be no similar follow up episode. Other children of child neglect are often not lucky enough to have a bunch of drunks call the police into an incident of child neglect.

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  1. I am starting to think that it is time to return to old style public punishment like the stockades in the public square to combat this type of behavior.

  2. I don’t agree entirely that there were no responsible adults in this drama. The responsible people were the mob of drunken men, who even in a state of diminished capacity had the presence of mind to call the police. Of course they lied about finding the child on the curb, but still they were the ones who put an end to this “Pass The Baby” game—so kudos to drunken louts!

    PS: I also don’t think stockades in the public square would work as punishment/deterrent either—most people no longer feel shame—about ANYTHING!

  3. Like I said they were the closest to actually handling the situation in an adult manner. The problem was they did the right thing for the wrong reason. They were not really all that concerned about the kid, they were just unhappy the kid was hampering their fun. Still it a sad day for society when a group of drunks stumble in to doing the right thing while the mother and the people she was staying with play gamble with the child’s welfare. I think it takes ice cold blood to entrust the welfare of a child to a drunken pack.

    You are correct that people have little shame in tis day and age. But I think a public display in a busy area would be much more effective than tossing them in jail. There have been cases where teens have been forced to hold signs up in public places as part of their sentencing. Public shame is much more embarrassing than just not having any shame. Still it is little more than a pipe dream as the ACLU would never allow a return to actually punishing criminals.

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