Posted by: thescoundrel | August 6, 2008

The State of Texas Executes Convicted Murderer Jose Medellin

On Tuesday the State of Texas defied the country of Mexico, International Court of Justice (ICJ) and some members inside the United States Government, by executing Jose Medellin for his part in a 1993 gang related incident that culminated with the brutal rape and murder of a sixteen-year-old and a fourteen-year-old girls. It was a lose-win situation.

Mr. Medellin was 33 at the time of his execution. I am not all that sorry for the death of Mr. Medellin, for his case was surely indicative of what should represent a death penalty offense. I am only sorry that any of the events leading up to the death of his victims ever happened that resulted in his conviction and execution. Had he never committed those acts of evil he may not have been facing the loss of his life on Tuesday.

It was a lose situation because, for many reasons, I am against the death penalty as a form of criminal justice. I do not feel it serves any positive purpose; it is flawed at best and purely an after-the-fact act of revenge – nothing more nothing less.

On the opposite side of the spectrum it was a win-win for the Sate of Texas and the USA Justice system. Both institutions stepped up to establish that USAmerican States Rights rule inside our country over the attempted interference from officious outside systems like the ICJ, the UN and other countries/institutions. It was a statement that what happens inside our country and our states is defined by our legal and governmental systems and not how International political bodies would have us administrate our country. It was also a candid message to people that enter our country illegally. If you break our laws you will be judged by our judicial system not your country of origins system.

In the final analysis it was a lose statement in that the USA continues to fail civilization by supporting a defective system like our death penalty. However, it was a huge spit-in-the-eye win-win statement for the USA in defining our independence from international meddling in our system of government!!!!



  1. I’ve been following this one also. I just can’t see how those other agencies got involved when he lived half his life here. It seems like when it was convient for him, he became a Mexican National. One other good thing, he won’t get a chance to get paroled and do it again.

  2. It was probably just lawyer trickery looking for a loophole.

  3. I agree with you 100% on this—I’m also against the death penalty—until international busy-bodies start making demands that we change our laws to conform with theirs—ain’t gonna happen—-although if the Democrats grab complete power, Obama might attempt to join the ICC—which would have the salutary effect of making the Democrats a minority party for at least a generation!

  4. We shipped the Torys out of this country following the Revolutionary War. Yet Obama and the Kosocialists seem determined to return the glory days of European domination of this country.

  5. I don’t know that I am for or against the death penalty. However, I do know that I am for a penalty that serves as an ‘ultimate deterrant.’

    Of course, the death penalty, with 18-20 years of appeals does not deter anything.

    However, if the law were stated that, (1) in order to execute a convicted criminal, DNA evidence must tie the convicted criminal to the crime (thus no innocent people killed) and (2) there is a 18-month appeal window and the penalty must be carried out within 2-years of the conviction…now that might add a degree of ‘deterrant’ to the execution.

    I am all for ideas on something other than the death penalty as an ‘ultimate deterrant’, I just have not heard of anything.

    Bottom-line is that there are indeed crimes that, when comitted, automatically render the party who comitted the crime as not worthy of being a part of a civil society.

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