Posted by: thescoundrel | August 11, 2008

Does Hillary Clinton Have A Desperation Secret to Crush Barack Obama

I have been reading on some sites that there is still some bad blood between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. So much so, that many of her followers are still holding out that she still has a chance to come away with the Democrat party nomination. The Clinton supporters’ claim questions the validity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate and his citizenship. I am unsure of the soundness of their claim or if it enough of something that could effect the Obama campaign, but the reports seem to be attracting a huge following of support. It does make you wonder if this was the big secret the Hillary camp was claiming to have on Obama from the beginning and if she is sitting on the information for use to hammer and nail together an Obama Campaign Coffin at the convention? And if she does have such damning information – why did she not use it beforehand? The one thing about Hillary Clinton -whether you like her or hate her- she knows how to play hardball politics. And the Hillary Clinton supporters seem to be as persistent as the candidate they adore.



  1. Generally I’m not much of a conspiracy buff, but I gotta admit a while back I got hooked on Larry Johnson’s No Quarter blog, I mean NO QUARTER blog. He and his co-bloggers aren’t exactly McCain fans—they are Hillary partisans and they HATE Obama. I started reading Johnson’s blog when he began pushing the video that supposedly had Mrs. Obama shrieking “whitey”.

    But the latest Hatin’ On Obama thing comes from the recently released Hillary campaign memos. One memo, from Mark Penn I think, was war-gaming what they should do if Obama won Iowa. Among the suggestions was “release the tapes”. Holy cats—there are anti-Obama TAPES, so now we gotta know what’s on ’em—and I’m hooked again. 😀

  2. What can I say–> Inquiring Minds wanna know! 😉

  3. I am not for or against Obama, but a broken hearted Hillary dream as first women president that is lost.

    For three days I read the first book written by Obama Dreams from my Father because I was tired of all the things being said and I could not reject or accept them for the face value. On to the next book Audacity of Hope still to be read.

    Got both books on sale online, though I hated to spend the money I decided if this guy is going to become our next President I better know something about him.

    He brought a lot of memories back to my mind of my life as a young women in the 60’s. From the civil rights movement to the American Indain Movement that I believed the unjustice going on in the United States.

    Just the shock of what we did to the Japanese during WWII was enough to make me very angry and wanting CHANGE.

    Learning the history of the women’s sufferage movement and how women had been treated for 1,000’s of years unlike the blacks was enough to make me want to stand for women’s rights.

    One thing though I could related to Obama was the split world he lived in growing up. Being both black and white was a balance he had to learn.

    With me it was trying to learn to live between the deaf and the hearing. I was neither deaf nor a hearing person, but a little of both. It was a challenge I am still trying to learn to balance.

    Will Obama every learn that balance, the first book did not answer it for me, maybe the second will.

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