Posted by: thescoundrel | August 13, 2008

Concept Cars – If You Dream It Will They Build It

Over on Wired Magazine they have an article talking about ten “green” concept cars that asks the question if you dream it will someone build it? Yikes, personally I hope the answer is no! The suggested designs were big on sporty fashion and included models that were built from glass and one that even resembled a dune buggy. Most of them looked impractical except maybe for the fab and famous, whom are all about style and not practicality. None of them looked family friendly and the only one that 😕 might 😕 have been theScoundrel friendly had an adjustable elastic top. All I can say is that if these designs are the transportation wave of the future – theScoundrel will be needing to take some basic car repair and refurbishing classes for classic car models or instead invest in a jetpack.

Wired Magazine concept car article/pictorial link.



  1. I usually think concept cars are neat. The glass one even looks kinda like an old digger. I have to wonder how it would do in a crash test though.

  2. Though the cars look stylish they don’t look practical to me. I already have trouble sitting up straight with good posture in many modern models currently in production. Those look like torture traps for me. 😉

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