Posted by: thescoundrel | August 15, 2008

2008 Olympic Games – Politics and Scandal – As Usual

I have yet to watch one minute of Olympic coverage nor do I plan to watch any. In fact I have not watched the Olympics since the year of the “Miracle on Ice” and I do not even know why I watched that since I do not like hockey! The reason I do not watch is that the Games are all about politics and scandal. The politics and scandal surround and engulf the sports aspects and have sucked away any integrity of the Olympic Games. Politics are even ingrained in the sports and judging aspects of the games. In my lifetime of 29+ years, I cannot remember an Olympics that was not tainted with politics and scandal. This year is no different. Following in no particular order are links to Olympic scandals.

The Top Ten Olympic Scandals.

Swimmer bares all in animal rights protest.

Chinese Gymnasts’ age in question.

China uses Lip synch in Olympic Ceremony song because of image issues.

China lies about ethnic diversity displayed in program.

Athletes face suspicion over past drug scandals.

UPDATE On China Gymnast scandal: The International Olympic Committee has Started an Investigation into the Ages of the China Gymnasts.



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