Posted by: thescoundrel | August 18, 2008

Illinois State Senate President and Blago Thug to Retire

According to a Dispatch/Argus article Illinois State Senate President, Emile Jones, is set to retire. Well that almost breaks my heart–> 😆 ! (PAUSE!) Whew. Sorry but I had to wipe the tears of laughter from my face! Jones is just another in the group of political thugs, out of the Chicago region, that is destroying this state. He is also the strong arm thug of our hopefully soon to be residing in a State Penitentiary, Governor Roddy Blagodabitch. Now Jones will no longer be there to protect Uncle Roddy’s derrière. Awe shucks! Of course you have to wonder what Emile will being doing with all his free time. I suppose he could just fade away. Or maybe he return to what he knows best, soliciting and strong-arming other politicians except he will be in the public sector. Perhaps he figures the stench from the Gov will be rolling his way and he feels he needs a head start to stay one step in front of prosecutors. Or maybe he has decided to write another Chapter in his mythological creation called Barack Obama! So Emile – So long – Farewell – Good Riddance to another Chicago Rat – Leave Quickly – Don’t Let the Door Hit You in the Ass thus Requiring Another Object to be Disinfected and do not forget to stop and pick out your adjoining prison cell with Gov. Roddy and former Gov. Ryan. Maybe you can all play cards together to pass the time away. Maybe your fictional character Barack Obama could come visit and even stayover a few nights while sharing a cell with you and the Gov.

CapitolFaxBlog Link about the Emile Jones Retirement.

(Thanks to QC Examiner for the link!!)



  1. What I’m wondering is who takes Jones place? How will his replacement be chosen?

  2. Well what a moron I am. I should have know the Denny Jacobs—>Mike Jacobs; Lane Evans—>Phil Hare rule would be operative here.

    Capitol Fax says “Mr. Jones confirmed that he’d like his son to succeed him in Springfield.”

    Yeah, I’m shocked too. 😉

  3. In politics Nepotism rules. It will probably come down to a question of if Jones has burned too many bridges with his Blagodabitch support to push his kid to the front of the wolf pack.

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