Posted by: thescoundrel | August 19, 2008

Democrat Strategist Bob Beckel Superior to Catfish Consumers

I was watching Democrat Strategist Bob Beckel trying to explain why Democrat POTUS contenders tend to do poorly in traditionally Conservative regions. He rolled out the normal leftwing liberal spew about racism. But as is so often the case, what he proved was his own bigotry trying to point out the shortcomings of people that support conservative views. When confronted with the facts that Bill Clinton and Al Gore fared well in conservative regions his bigotry came to the forefront. He might have well been Barack Obama spewing, complaining and speechifying about gun-toting, NASCAR loving and bible thumping haters that won’t fall prey for his Elmer Gantry Wannabe campaign rhetoric. Beckel started off complaining that “too many of them people” believed that if you can’t eat it, drink it or (expletive deleted) it – that they don’t have time for your message. He couldn’t stop insulting non-believers of his mantra there, he then started to complain by inferring that “those kind of people” like to eat catfish and that it was something too nasty and he was above eating it. Okay I don’t eat catfish because it does not trip my trigger either, but I do not use it as a club in attempting to act superior towards others. I did not realize we had a conservative-liberal food war arena. I guess I need to be checking out all those spaghetti dinner invitations the Republicans and Democrats keep sending me. After ranting a little more Beckel then went all New World Order during the interview, claiming that thankfully those kinds of folk are being eliminated. Beckel almost makes you believe in the Alex Jones NWO Global Government theories–> Not quite- but almost! 😉


  1. For an excellent and much more detailed blow-by-blow of the interview, I suggest you should visit this following link.

  2. This is a prime example of what I like to call the “vote for me, stupid” tactics of the Democrats; first they insult a group/demographic they deem inferior to their exalted selves then they demand said insulted scum vote for them—for their own good!

  3. No doubt about it. I noticed the southern woman who blogs at the link I posted was fuming. And I do not blame her. The Beckel rant was totally inappropriate and down right nasty.

  4. […] College 1984 – MapIt turns out that I wasn’t the only one who was insulted by Beckel’s bigoted diatribe. digg_url = ‘’; […]

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