Posted by: thescoundrel | August 19, 2008

Undesirables – Out of Sight and Out of Mind – Makes It a Perfect World

What do street children, the homeless, prostitutes, mentally ill individuals, black migrants, gays and drug dealers all have in common? Well according to an article in the UK Daily Mail they are all undesirables that were rounded up by China off the streets of Beijing prior to the Olympic Games and placed in Chinese Concentration Camps. The old – out of sight out of mind – deception of putting on your Sunday best for the visitors. Just sweep the dirt under the carpet and nobody will actually know it’s there! 😳 , another embarrassing moment for the Chinese Olympic Games.



  1. Does China really think we believe they have a “perfect” world with no drunks, prostitutes and mentally ill people? We all know China is a communist country with no freedom of religion and speech, they can’t fool anyone by removing people off the streets. They have shown their true colors to the world by limiting internet service, by conficating bibles at the airport. Did we expect any less of them, they are in total control and money allowed this communist country to host the Olympics. Money has allowed them to lure American companies into the country to take advantage of low wages. I hope the companies that are in China have no profits and I hope they can sleep at night thinking of all the American people they took jobs from. Maybe the companies will set up homeless shelters for the poor unfortunate people on the streets. Amusing…slavery in China, but, do they even know it’s the American companies turning their people into slaves so they can profit? Maybe one day when the Americans try to leave China to visit the USA, they will be told they can’t leave the country…

  2. I had read that in preparation for the Democrat convention, Denver was also doing some “street sweeping” by shuffling their homeless persons off to the zoo, art museum, etc. by giving them free tickets.

    When I checked again today to make sure I had my information correct, the Denver homeless organizations sez it ain’t so. They say they are looking for “safe indoor places” for the homeless to go because “they may feel overwhelmed by the event” and also for “security” reasons.

    Well yeah, all that political hot air and bloviation would “overwhelm” anybody. 😀

  3. Well QCEx the Alex Jone crowd is wayyyyy ahead of the game. They already are breaking news about concentration camps being set up around Denver to clean up the city before the bg convention. 😉

    Kate you are right there is no perfect world. And we do round up hookers and similar undesirables and run them into the woodworks especially when the big shindigs, where there is a lot of influx from of out of towners visiting, are being tossed.We just do not take them to gulags and imprison them without a trial.

  4. I have a suggestion to Denver, put the homeless and any other undesirables you don’t want seen in homes that are being foreclosed on, turn on the lights, water, cable, etc., that would be classified as safe, wouldn’t it? Oh yes, ask our government to foot the bill without questions, just pretend it’s another country they’re sending aide to.. smiles
    Can you tell there might be a wee chip on my shoulder? You mention one subject and we could go on for days, rather I could about the things in the USA that I think could be done…

  5. Are they doing like China and imprisoning people indefinitely? No. But, while I have absolutely no belief that Denver is placing undesirables in gulag type concentration camps, I have complete belief that they are taking the brooms out and brushing the undesirables off the streets and under whatever carpets they can find to hide them under. It is what cities do when they want to look pretty for tourists. After the tourists leave, it becomes business as usual for everyone.

    You might have gotten away with placing people in unoccupied buildings during early history. But insurance, lawsuits, building codes and other restrictive rules of living in a modern society would stop any such considerations today. Nor would any owners of the building allow the trespass on property they are attempting to sell. The only way it would work is if there were a way of sitting down government and the property owners and working out compensation for the buildings usage. But the government is notoriously late on payments (ask any medical doctor in Illinois) and getting a property owner to risk there property on a government pact would be difficult, perhaps even require desperation by the property owner.

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