Posted by: thescoundrel | August 21, 2008

Denver Colorado and Beijing China Present – The Big Rock Candy Mountain Show

I thought today I would toss out a question to contemplate. What do the Beijing China Olympics and the Denver Colorado Democrat National Convention have in common? Extra bonus hint – it is the same performance probably coming soon to a theater in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota region!

The answer –> Both cities are using their respective prestigious events as a reason for rounding up homeless and undesirable individuals that they do not want tourists to know exist in their picturesque cities and then sweeping them under whatever carpets they have available, out of sight – out of mind! These are the invisible people that City Fathers do not see except when they are in the way of a successful big bash or have to donate them a dollar for washing their luxury automobile windows at the stoplight. Can’t have all them rich folk and power players having to stare at dirty scarecrows while they are busy drinking and eating their Champagne and Caviar. That could slow down the campaign money trains and sour the contributors swollen bellies. China is simply hauling their unwanted invisible people to the closest empty prison complex. Denver on the other hand is attempting to hide their shame with panache and style. I read on various sites that Denver has offered free haircuts plus free zoo, movie and museum tickets to the invisible people of Denver for the days of the convention. that should help keep them invisible from prying eyes. I have also read that they are improving and sprucing up the homeless centers for the Big Show. (Kind of reminds me of companies that had been informed that Big Wigs or OSHA was coming to inspect the workplace. Time for the old spit and polish routine.) Sigh, at least they are not just hauling them away and dumping the individuals in other towns, like Rock Island and Davenport have done in the past. Not to be outdone of course, I am sure Minneapolis-St. Paul is already busy firing-up their street sweepers, getting them set to rock and roll where they can also start rounding up the unwanted and destitute from the chaste eyes of the Republican Conventioneers in September. Ahh unadulterated moments like these just make you want to kick back your feet, pour out an icy cold Mt. Dew and sing a few verses of “The Big Rock Candy Mountain” (if ya can’t remember the tune you can always just go rent the Movie “O Brother, Where Art Thou” and sing along with the intro. Of course that is assuming you are not outside in nature on a personal quest searching for your existence on the Big Rock Candy Mountain.)



  1. i’m chinese but i don’t consider chinese from china as my distant relations – i would feel closer to malaysians, regardless of race. so to me it is quite astounding (though i’m not totally surprised as the chinese are an extremely proud race – modest as i may be most of the time i do value my pride and face value) to see the extent the chinese would go to put up what they consider an appropriate ‘image’ – the case of the little girl singers and the pre-recorded fireworks show for the opening ceremony come to mind as well.

    i’m amazed, but at the same time i understand it too. malaysian chinese are not that different from chinese chinese when it comes to matters of image!

  2. I was hoping the song lyrics would stay buried a while longer. Short term, they’ll clean up the city, long term I’ll lose my cigarette tree.

  3. Sulz it does not really matter which country you visit there are always undesirables that city/state government officials pretend are not there. But politicians prefer to talk about the problems and/or hide the problem, than actually solve them. Take the two upcoming US political conventions. There will be speechifying, posturing and pandering for the votes of those that are concerned about the situation – at both conventions. There will also be millions upon millions of dollars spent at the conventions and in the communities during the events. Nothing will be solved despite all that time and all that money that will be spent.

  4. LOL yeah they are certainly working on eliminating your cigarette tree. The government can certainly seem to find ways and time to play nanny. It may not be long to they start working on eliminating those lemonade springs (sugar is getting a bad rap) and trickling streams of alcohol rolling down the rocks.

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