Posted by: thescoundrel | August 22, 2008

theScoundrel Unveils His Newest Weapon in the War On Terrible

theScoundrel has been busy the last couple of days with my free time upgrading my defensive armaments in my personal quest –> The War On Terrible! Last year it became evident that my old Wally World Quality Weaponry was outdated and incapable of successfully assisting theScoundrel Castle in the 2008 Summer Battles. So this spring I shelled out the big bucks ($249.95) and ordered in Excalibur. No not King Arthur’s legendary weapon. Nope I am talking about the ultimate weapon in fighting the War On Terrible Fruits & Vegetables (mostly Tomatoes). The facts are that tomatoes found at the supermarkets taste like cardboard, terrible! So I prefer the tomatoes (and vegetables) I grow in my garden and dry those that survive getting consumed in their fresh forms. And my old Wally World Style dehydrators were undersized for my needs and simply took to long to dry a batch of produce plus they would often allow produce spoilage during the drying process. So this year in an effort to make this summers harvest of garden tomatoes last longer I have invested in Excalibur the Food Dehydrator! It comes equipped with nine removable trays containing 15 sq. feet of drying space. A 600 watt powered drying system that has a good fan, an adjustable thermostat and a convenient 26 hour on/off timer. Ye haw! Too bad the early weather did not cooperate with my garden this year as the battle to dry tomatoes got a late start! But the weapons system is installed and operable! The ripe tomato accumulation has reached the point where Excalibur is extracting the necessary moisture from the produce and readying them for my later consumption. theScoundrel Castle is winning this years battle and fully expects to capture, imprison and torture many tomatoes before the coming Fall Frost! Yes – there already have and will be many more vegetables harmed in theScoundrel’s War On Terrible!



  1. I almost bought a dehydrator this year—not for vegetables but for the bazillion cherries we had on our tree this year.

    We ate ’em off the tree, had ’em for danged near every meal, froze ’em, gave ’em away and STILL had gobs.

    But being the cheapo I am, I figured I wouldn’t use it that much, if ever again. We mostly just grow what we can eat now, rather than the Feed The Third World efforts we used to do, so I didn’t think about using it for vegetables—but maybe next year I’ll look into getting one—but just a beginner model, not the Super-De-Duper Excalibur model the pros have. 😀

  2. Dried cherries are excellent tasting, healthy treats and expensive to buy! I like to mix a tablespoon of dried cherries or blueberries in my morning oats. I actually found a cheaper substitute as they now make dried cranberries in cherry and strawberry flavor. You definitely need a dryer. I tried planting cherry tree twice and my dog killed both of them. I decided it wasn’t to be and went another direction. I used dried tomatoes in many different ways. I dry mine past the soft stage and sometimes I use them like potato chips for dipping. They also make great filler in a can of chili or a bowl of soup. 😆 Last year I was eating so many raw and dried tomatoes I wound up blistering my tongue. This years crop was late due to all the cold weather. Those little cheapo dryers I used to use sucked. I like my new dryer. I have big tomatoes for eating fresh and cherry tomatoes for eating fresh and drying. I just hope the weather hold up enough that I get a decent harvest. Otherwise I will wind up buying Romas at the store to dry and carry me through the winter. I was trying drying some onion this year but the first batch was not what I expected. I am going to try a few more batches. I am using store bought onions this year to practice with but I have a pack of giant onions to plant for next year I got from the seed catalog. It is important for me to get the onion drying down because I use a lot of dried onion and it is expensive in the store.

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