Posted by: thescoundrel | August 23, 2008

Obama to choose Biden as VP – Bill Clintons Hopes Crushed

If the news wires are right and we are not experiencing another Dewey Defeats Truman event, then Barack Obama will select Joe Biden as his Vice Presidential running mate for his 2008 run. (I wonder how Joe’s hair plugs are handling all the stress? They must be getting pretty old by now. Maybe he will need another round of hair transplants before the National Election.) Gee this is just a short time after Biden claimed he was not the chosen one! Guess you cannot rely on a politicians’ statement if Biden is the chosen ones, his royal holiness Pope Obama, Papal Assistant. Not being part of the holy ones jester court, I will not be getting a text message to confirm the Biden choice. I will instead be waiting for the proto-writing version of the message, for total confirmation. Biden does bring the Washington experience to the ticket Obama lacks. But Biden is also proof of the lack of real change in Obama’s campaign. Biden, who like Obama votes lockstep Democrat party line, is just further proof that an Obama ticket is just more of the same gridlock between Republicans and Democrats we have been experiencing for decades, since neither candidate Obama or Biden has shown an ability or interest of really working across party lines. No surprise there. Types of politicians that display an ability to work across the political aisle are as rare as hens teeth! On a more interesting note, maybe Obama is expecting to be able to earn a masters degree in plagiarism from Master Plagiarist Joe Biden by picking him as his running mate.

On a sadder note I am sure Bill Clinton is crying his eyes out in deep despair at this announcement. After already being the first Black president, I am sure Bill was secretly holding out hope Obama would select Bill to be the first Black Vice President. Plus unless Obama were to win and give Bill a cabinet post, Bill would not have much opportunity for nailing White House Interns. It must be a sad-sad-sad day for Bill Clinton!



  1. I stumbled on this great Joe Biden link!

  2. I think you’re being too kind to Bill Clinton if you think he is merely “crying his eyes out”. What the Clinton’s are REALLY doing is gearing up for 2012—no matter WHO wins in November.

    IMO if Obama wins he will quickly expose himself as being out of his depth and will be a one-term wonder—the Clintons are already plotting how to get back on the comeback trail!

    I’m sure you’ve read reams of stuff about Biden too, but what I’ve thought was most interesting (so far) is how far the Iraq war has fallen off the radar of the Democrat Party. During the primaries, the litmus test was who did or didn’t vote for war—except for Hillary, those Democrats who did faced extinction. Joe Biden was an early and enthusiastic supporter of the war, yet Obama had no qualms about adding him as VP—or if he DID have qualms, they were less than the qualms he had about the others.

  3. The war is off the radar for some and not others. The left-wingers will vote for Obama – the rightwingers for McCain.Still I think Biden will have some explaining to do to the non-aligned voters. It was just four years ago he was pushing Kerry to select McCain as VP on the ticket for his 2004 run. The other thing about Biden is he will appeal to standard Democrat voters- but in reality his career does not coexist with the Obama message of change which was preached to non-aligned voters and that attracted the new younger voters.

    Hey 😀 I said in my Title that Bill Clinton’s hopes were crushed. But I do not think he worries as much about being the first black VP as much as all that White House nooky he will missing out on.

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