Posted by: thescoundrel | August 24, 2008

New and Improved Obama – Biden 2008 Campaign Slogans

Well the big news this week was that Barack Obama is Coming Monday to the Quad Cities! Whoo-Hoo! Obama will be holding his ritual ceremony in Davenport, Iowa. It is by invitation only. I do not know if it is true, but I read a posting by someone that the Agent of Shame Disciples will not be allowed to bring their own signs stating support. Oh Yeah -The Obama Elitist Campaign begins, no change – no hope and no room for those with different opinions. So I thought I would help the Obama – Biden effort by posting some suggested campaign slogans for their signs to hand out to supporters tomorrow—>

Vote Obama & Biden in ‘08

A Vote For Increased Taxes & A Nanny State

Vote Obama & Biden

If in Winter – A Moped You Plan on Driving

Vote Obamination for a Zombie Nation

Vote Obama

Because You Know He Hates Hillary Clinton As Much As You Do

Obama ’08

Where Change and Hope are Just Empty Words

Obama ‘08

Because You Have Never Been Proud of Your nation

Vote Obama in ‘08

A Friend Domestic Terrorists Can Relate

Vote Obama – Biden in the Fall

Prove Plagiarists Can Still Stand Tall

Vote Obama For

Over 20 Years of–> See No Evil – Hear No Evil – Know No Evil

Obama Leadership You Can Count On

To Vote Present on Important Legislation

Vote Obama – Because he is Cute! (This ones for the Starry Eyed Obama Girls)

Obama – Biden

An Out of Control Left Turn

Vote Obama

Because You Covet Chicago Style Corruption in Washington!

Vote Obama

Let’s Mug Whitey!

Support Obama – Biden

We Accept Campaign Donations from Any and All Criminals

Vote Obama – Biden

When Rhetoric Counts More than Substance

Vote Obama – Biden

Because You Hate Bush More than You Like Living Free

The thought of Obama’s Huckster campaign coming to the Quad Cities has me feeling almost all warm and fuzzy inside! I feel like Breaking out in song and I just can’t quit singing Neil Diamomd’s hit:

It’s Love, Brother Love, say
Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies
And everyone goes, cause everyone knows
Brother Love’s show

I would have worked out some more slogans but I got to prepare for the Cubs game this afternoon. 😀



  1. Dennis Kucinich would have been my choice

  2. OK, this isn’t original, I stole it off Michelle Malkin, but how about:

    Smarmy/Smirky ’08

  3. Another late entry:
    Vote Obama – He’s Not your Momma and he is prettier than a llama

  4. McCain: Trickling down cash one 7% commission at a time

  5. Go ObaMA u HAv3 Mii SuPpOrT We Love u Here In JerZeii
    Ur Da Best \

  6. […] Slogan credit: thescoundrel […]

  7. […] Slogan credit: thescoundrel […]

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