Posted by: thescoundrel | August 25, 2008

The Obama – Biden 2008 Traveling Salvation Show

Just when the weekend was over and you thought it was safe to be back on the drunk democrat laden streets of the Quad Cities, the Barack Obama – Joe Biden Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation show makes an appearance in the Quad Cities. Hallelujah – Brothers and Sisters – don’t be late and pass the plate!!! (Biden is sitting this visit out) His holiness Pope Obama is scheduled to bring his Pied Piper routine to town this morning. As the Neil Diamond song goes–> pack up the babies and grab the old ladies. Then get them out of harm’s way because not everyone goes as this is a by invitation only appearance. Evidently the POTUS wannabe is afraid of actually having to answer questions from sober nonbelievers. Not that should be surprising since political con artists like Obama avoid people that can see past their phony mantras. So PLEASE find a safe place as all the mesmerized rats will be stampeding to consume the poison passed out at the Obama snake oil show. All Politicians are phonies but Obama happens to be the current leader of the charlatan pack. His group is like a Jim Jones gathering – everyone anxious to drink his poison kool-aid and attempting to force feed those that see through his empty campaign speeches. His message is a media fabricated game of smoke and mirrors that seems to create an heroin overdosed state of being where his audience is incapable of free thought. I am sure there will be soon be the usual posts across the Internet Universe from his awestruck stoned followers championing his phony messages of hope and change. Not here, for I deal in reality not fantasy rock stars. Nothing good can come from such blind euphoric obedience to hucksters like Obama.



  1. This may be the worst blog post I’ve ever wasted 30 seconds skimming.

    I’m guessing you voted for Dubya at least once, probably twice. He was the original master of the phony town hall meeting. Christ, Rove invented it. And I’m not 100% sure that that’s what this was, either.

    There are some young people who are enthralled by Obama. Then there are the rest of us who simply look at the other choice and shudder. So we go along with Obama. The energized young people make for a better story, though.

    If any of those young people take an interest in politics and get involved, it can only be good for America. I’m so tired of apathy and cynicism always winning out. Blogs like this one are only making things worse. Instead of insulting Obama constantly, I don’t know, perhaps tell one of these young people why they should get behind McCain instead? That is, if you can come up with a compelling reason.

  2. Sorry but I do not really like McCain all that much either. I just like Obama a whole lot less. Besides McCain hasn’t got a snowballs chance in hell of winning this contest and I try not to beat up on the weak. It’s just not much fun picking on the underdogs. Although I might have made an exception in the case of Obama if the roles were reversed. He Phoniness really trips my trigger. Its like Carter Deja Vu. Too many Bush deranged all lathered up by the Democrat sideshows. But at least McCain has shown an ability to work with Democrats while Obama’s work has no display of that ability. A rather amusing thing about Obama I came across was how as he was making his big push for POTUS he started placing his name on pieces of legislature that others wrote and worked out, to pimp his resume. He really is a phony.

    I actually voted for Gore in 2000 but he turned out to be the cry-baby loser I thought Bush was going to be. I did vote Bush for reelection and would pick him over Obama if that were an option this time. I am not sure how I would vote if it were Bush vs. McCain. My neighbor just got back from Iraq and he is pushing McCain at me, since I do not see a real option elsewhere I suppose McCain will eventually win my vote by default.

    As to the Obama mesmerized, I was enthralled once upon a time when I was kid by a phony candidate of change named Jimmy Carter. That only proves I was dumb and stupid at that time like the Obama worshipers are now. Apathy and realism wins so often because both Democrat and Republican politics consists mostly of Elmer Gantry wannabe phonies like Obama.

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