Posted by: thescoundrel | August 31, 2008

They All Look Alike Anyway

Over at QCExaminer’s blog she posed a question about how the Obama camp will attack John McCain’s choice as running mate for the Republican Vice Presidents position, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. It is simple really, you let your supporters and bloggers do the real dirty work and keep your hands clean. It didn’t take long for the attacks to begin in the Democratic Underground (DU for Short), which boasts of over 125,000 faithful Democrat Bloggers and over 39 million posts. So how does a group of “caring compassionate liberals” attack a mother that has just been selected to run for one of the most prestigious political positions in the World? Lets see you call her mentally disturbed (that is actually one of the DU favorite insults of people they disagree with), you make claims that the baby is not hers but instead – is her sixteen-year-old daughters, you attack the daughter and you even attack the child. You even question the veracity as to whether the child is a Downs Syndrome baby or whether it is simply an Inuit. 😯

Quotes from the Democratic Underground:

it disgusts me to repeat this but it is rumoured that the baby looks more like an Inuit than a Down Syndrome child. God help us — either we are very twisted , or she is.


So now you have Palin saying shes going to be a mom, covering for the daughter, she rushes back when the daughter has the baby to “give birth” Uh oh Inuit, how do we explain that. Well Inuit are mongol related anthropologically, and Down syndrome is “a mongoloidesque” look as a side effect.

Bingo Down Syndrome.

Never under estimate the bigotry of the Democrat Party, I did for all too many years when I was first old enough to vote. I have come to expect Republicans and Democrats to get down right dirty when they fight politically – but attacking a Downs Syndrome child and claiming it is probably just an Inuit, is nothing less than a bigoted attack, on the child and the Inuit culture. The statements remind me of the old racist standard line by those looking to slur minorities “they all look alike anyway”.

There is more on subject over on the Publius’ Forum including some different quotes by the Democratic Underground members on the Palin. Warning some of the comments are harsh and full of vulgarities.



  1. So much for the compassionate party. Now I know why my parents always told us not to argue politics or religion.

  2. Thanks for the link.

    The latest moonbattery is that Palin’s children are all illegitmate and that she is a bad mother if she takes on the VP job.

    Since when has the left been concerned about illegitimacy and “a woman’s place is in the home”?

    If Obama or Biden had a child who wasn’t a lobbyist, but had Down’s Syndrome, would the press denigrate them for neglecting that child?

    Uh no, but John Roberts has already gone there and I expect much more of this b.s. to come from the pro-Obama, sexist press, pundits and leftwing moonbats.

    I know it’s shocking, but it appears the left really isn’t for equal opportunity unless you are an ugly woman with no kids and are a flaming liberal.

    Who knew? 😀

  3. Scoundrel,
    Thanks for bringing those obscure web-sites to our attention. I hadn’t come across any of those juicy rumours on any of the sites I normally read. But you missed the best rumour. Check out this one: Sarah Palin’s daughter was real mother of Down’s Syndrome baby! Pretty irresponsible, eh?!?

  4. Wow Dave how long did you have to search to find a site with such a double entendre name like Spread It! That name sounds like a name a bunch of immature high school boys would have created to make everything they printed sound salacious.

    Oh I did not miss that part of the story or the picture they had at the site. I figured one of the “compassionate caring liberals” 😆 (sorry – but it is hard to say those words and hold a straight face) blogs would eventually post a link to a site with that picture on it. It just happened to be you to post it on my site in an attempt to divert the discussion away from the real subject, the hate and hypocrisy within the Democrat Party. The picture does not prove the girl pregnant or not pregnant. If every girl or woman I have known that had a similar rounded belly were pregnant, then a lot of them would have been pregnant their whole life. Opps, I forgot a woman or girl is supposed to have flat abs of steel in todays society. Maybe in your fantasy world, not in mine. Actually I could care less whether the Palin girl was pregnant or not. I do not even care if the baby was hers or her moms. If it had been the girls the only thing it would prove is that the mother was a compassionate person that did not drag her kid off to kill her baby. But what the whole story does do, which one of members of the DU site tried to explain to the rest, was make them out to be hypocrites and jerks. Well after spending several years among the Democrat Party faithful I could have told them that from a personal aspect. Both political parties are saturated with jerks and hypocrites. You understand that after all it was you that was bragging about how you impressed upon your 11 year old daughter in making Denny Hastert look like a fat slob when she was making a political cartoon. Gee what would you have said if she had dome the same to Fat Phil Hare.

  5. The creepy stuff being generated by the leftwing slime machine makes me think they are scared witless about Palin being VP.

    It’s not just the moonbats at DU or Kos, it’s mainstream people like Alan Colmes, Andrew Sullivan and Josh Marshall.

    Here’s a link to a hootalicious rundown of the “concerns” those compassionate, caring liberals have about Palin so far—there will undoubtedly be more to come.

  6. Congratulations on finding some whacko comments on a website!! That’s some good work there, wow! Must have been tough.

    And how can a liberal criticize a woman who was a virtual unknown to the entire country, largely because she had no political contributions whatsoever?

    I don’t know. How could anyone fault someone who holds positions that are exactly opposite of their own? How could they???

    How could there be rumors flying around, even if they’re false, in the first couple days after a presidential candidate announces that he’s picked someone that NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT???

    And there’s rumors?? On blogs? And people use harsh language? OH MY!!!!!! Whatever shall we do?????

    Seriously. Snap out of it. Your outrage is rather silly when you think about it.

    Go take a peek at the Free Republic web site and read a few comments there. Then come back and wring your hands about those rude, crude, liberals.

    Give me a break.

    If we judged the Republicans based on every lunatic notion they’ve put out about Obama and every other Democrat, they’d never get more than a handful of votes.

    Please pull your head out and realize that it’s not a big accomplishment to find comments that you find offensive, from either side.

    And don’t feign indignant when anyone questions the choice of someone as utterly unknown and as unqualified on paper as Palin.

    Let her go through 20 grueling debates and be scrutinized within an inch of her life by the opposition and the press, as Obama has, and then you can sit there and act like it’s just terrible that people can’t believe that anyone would pick her to be a heartbeat from the presidency.

    Ask yourself. Of all the potential picks from the Republican party (or even a few Dems), was Sarah Palin the most qualified? Was she even in the top 10? The top 30?

    Why pretend that the reaction is somehow false, unfair, or unjustified just because there’s a negative reaction?

    Is everyone supposed to sit around like bumps on a log and accept everything that comes along and give up our own judgement in the thought that our great leaders simply must be right? That’s how we got in this mess to begin with.

  7. [[Congratulations on finding some whacko comments on a website!! That’s some good work there, wow! Must have been tough.]]

    Not really TID. Similar whacko comments are always available on the Democratic Underground site. The site is full of hate comments aimed at some person or group. (After all it is one of the largest congregation spots on the Internet for those “caring compassionate liberals”. 😉 ) Most of them complaining about how unkind and cruel conservatives are to them or their causes. Meanwhile most of those “compassionate caring liberals” on the forum are busy attempting to stick in their poisoned assassins’ knives in the same methods of which they are complaining about. Basically a forum of Hypocrites.


    [[Is everyone supposed to sit around like bumps on a log and accept everything that comes along and give up our own judgement in the thought that our great leaders simply must be right?]]

    I do not think any of our leadership has any proficient insight as to addressing problems this country faces. They mostly just run around in circles screaming the sky is falling. The problem as I see it is the US political system has split in to two major factions and a bunch of unusable broken shards. The two major factions have become more entwined in fighting each other with power struggles than actually working on political solutions. But I trust no one in government – Jimmy Carter and Lane Evans cemented that conclusion.

    [[Ask yourself. Of all the potential picks from the Republican party (or even a few Dems), was Sarah Palin the most qualified? Was she even in the top 10? The top 30?]]

    Hey she would not have been my first choice either. But both the Biden pick and the Palin pick goes back to the two parties pandering to gain leverage to acquire political power. But my post was not about not attacking Palin. My post was about the who (caring compassionate liberals) and the what — the content of the attacks were about (attacking and slandering a Downs syndrome baby, a teenage girl and a mother who was clearly looking out for the best interests of both). It was not an attack on Palin’s political accomplishments but an end around on family. And as I told Barrett I figured someone would attempt to further the smear with the picture of a teenage girl that may or may not be pregnant. I just did not figure it to be on my blog or by Barrett. He seems fairly intelligent and is usually more sly with the way he interjects his attempts at smear.


    [[Your outrage is rather silly when you think about it.]]

    Nice attempt at the pot calling the kettle black. But I suggest you pry the logs out of your own eyes before attempting to remove any specks from mine. If my posts or the way I operate my blog offend your keen sense of wit – don’t read them!

    🙂 Have a nice day.

  8. Hey Dave nice right-in-my-face insult! I am not sure what posts you were referring to since I have not been signed into my Blog since whenever I previously posted on this thread. But your posts are probably in the deleted waste can, along with the junk mail that accumulates when I do not regularly check my blog. But all is not lost. Look on the bright side that last insult earned you to be the second person to wind up on my Banned in Boston list. (The other person was a Ron Paul supporter that could not post without using an F-Bomb.)

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