Posted by: thescoundrel | September 3, 2008

Obama/Biden VS. McCain/Palin

I am still waiting for that tingly excited feeling that voters are supposed to be getting from the choice of President and Vice President tickets. Once again that rush has been a DOA experience as far as I am concerned. The Obama/Biden ticket does nothing for me, at all.  Still as much as I dislike Chicago Political Scalawags, especially charlatans like Obama, Obama could have chosen Lassie and I would have detested the ticket. And though I admit I am intrigued by the McCain choice of Palin, I am not ready to do cartwheels around the Internet for a McCain/Palin ticket. Though much like Obama/Biden has satisfied the core of Democrat Party the choice of Palin seems to have added energy to a Republican Party that seemed lethargic about the 2008 election from the beginning. I would say go-third-party, go-team-go, but in reality third parties in the US are obscure and ineffective even at their best. Mostly all they can hope for is to turn an election by drawing votes away from the Big Two. Still the choice of McCain offers me someone that has displayed he can work across the aisle to get political work accomplished and the addition of Sarah Palin to his ticket does offer me something real that the choice of Obama/Biden does not – an actual fresh political face. The addition of Palin does not make me all tingly like it evidently does Thomas Lifson in his Sarah Palin and the Two Americas article, but at least her addition, doesn’t make me want to projectile vomit like listening to Obama and his phony messages of change.



  1. do you at least feel that its more interesting than when it was just obama vs. mccain??? i too am less than inspired by these buffoons, but at least it has gotten more interesting with biden and palin. now there are the story lines like the change candidate picking the entrenched washington politician, the maverick candidate picking the young totally inexperienced woman who fires up the base.

    ok after typing that i am still uninspired… i tried though!

  2. LOL – Robbie. I guess I am just hard to inspire, at least by politicians. I am a realist, I look at someone or something and I see what I see through my eyes – not what I am being told to see. I think I would have been closer to being inspired if the Party had placed Palin at the top of the ticket. Not because of anything important about her. But because she is what Obama tries to assert himself as —> A relative Washington D.C. outsider. But when I look at both tickets, what I see are people that will still be under the thumbs of their political party’s will.

    The Presidency is a neutered position. The real power and control lies in the Senate and Congress. They create the legislation, they pass the legislation and in the end they can pass the legislation over the top of whomever is President. The President basically has the power to stamp yes or no on any legislation and if he stamps no – his veto can be overridden. The Congress has basically become a power struggle between two political factions playing tug of war. It is rare when the two sides can agree and even rarer when legislators vote out of party line. The two political factions are controlled with money and gifts by the special interest groups that are seeking to guide the legislative directions to benefit their personal will. Sometimes, the whole situation can almost make me a believer in the wacky New World Order conspiracy theories.

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