Posted by: thescoundrel | September 4, 2008

OJ Simpson Trial – Bring In the Clowns

The OJ Simpson Vegas trial is getting ready to start next week. Simpson, along with the only accomplice -CJ Stewart- not turned states witness against Simpson, is charged with armed robbery and kidnapping from an incident where he claimed he was “rescuing” sports memorabilia that rightfully belonged to Simpson. The trial has not even started and the OJ Simpson circus has started. One of the witnesses whom is also the crime’s victim, Thomas Riccio, has evidently become an enterprising born-again NASCAR like huckster. It seems Riccio has offered $$Justice-for-Sale$$ by offering his personal services to businesses wishing to advertise during the trial. 😯 Following is a quote from CNN correspondent Beth Karas’ article:

Riccio is offering to advertise for businesses for $1,000-$5,000. For example, should he indeed arrive at the courthouse in a limousine, ads may be strategically placed on the limo for a fee; he could wear a ballcap and a tee shirt with ads for yet other businesses. He’ll dine at a sponsoring restaurant for $5,000 and mention a product in television interviews for a fee.

There is no Judge Lance Ito, Marcia Clark, Christopher Darden, Johnny Cochran, F. Lee Bailey, Kato Kaelin, Mark Fuhrman or even a bloody glove this trial go-around: but since it is an OJ Simpson trial I suppose the current OJ Simpson Traveling Circus along with a plethora of flashing cameras will be in Las Vegas for the extent of the trial. Bring in the Clowns, no wait – don’t bother, they are already a gaggle of them a part of the trial. If it doesn’t fit you must acquit! Oops wait, I’m sorry – that line is leftover baggage from his murder trial! 😳

Link to the Beth Karas story.


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