Posted by: thescoundrel | September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin Acceptance Speech – Over 37 Million TV Viewers

Evidently the essentially unknown Alaskan Republican Governor, Sarah Palin, brought some star power to the television screen during her Republican Vice Presidential acceptance speech. According to a Steve Gorman article, the Palin acceptance speech topped 37 million US Television viewers, just around one million short of what the Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Obama’s acceptance speech drew. Wow! Those are both a large viewing audience. The article offered up comparisons such as her counterpart in the election, Joe Biden, had a 24 million-viewer average for his acceptance speech. She literally crushed GW Bush’s viewer presidential acceptance speech numbers of 27.6 million in 2004. Other comparisons to US television viewing included: American Idol averaged 28.1 viewers last season; NBC averaged 27.7 viewers for the recent China Olympics with its highest rating at 34.9 million viewers.

Palin was definitely bringing the beef to the Republican Party, though in her case I suppose she was more likely bringing the caribou. The question to be asked is will she be able to sustain the attention and can she turn them into votes for the McCain-Palin POTUS ticket. The other thing to consider is that – win or lose the 2008 POTUS election – any future potential Republican POTUS Candidates will have her popularity and star power to go up against. These viewing  numbers for Palin will not bode well for many of this years losing Republican contenders and their 2012 election chances.

Link to the Gorman article.



  1. was on tmz this morning catching up on all my favorite celebrity gossip and saw something funny… they have 3 polls up about the convention:

    1) biggest star? palin 52% obama 45% mccain 3% biden 0%

    2)biggest dissapointment? biden 34% mccain 34% obama 19% palin 13%

    3)grab a beer with? palin 45% obama 27% mccain 15% biden 13%

    so it seems like palin might have stolen a little too much thunder. and i don’t think tmz really has much of a liberal media bias considering they prinarily report on britney, paris, amy winehouse, and other weirdos.

    the 3 polls all have had over 100,000 responses.

  2. I think Palin is going to overpower the presence of McCain.
    LOL @ the poll. I posted a link to a yahoo poll earlier in the campaign process. It was asking questions about the D&R candidates running. It had some really interesting results. The poll suggested that people were considerably more afraid of of a Mormon candidacy than a gay, black, or Hispanic candidate. It also displayed that of all the candidates Hillary Clinton received the most votes as someone they would go bowling with and have a family outing with. The part that was both funny and sad as it displays the polarization we face – Hillary also received the most votes in the poll as the candidate people would least like to go bowling or on a family outing with.

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