Posted by: thescoundrel | September 6, 2008

The Democrat and Republican Conventions – Kayfabe is King of the Ring

Professional Wrestling has a term used to describe the show production called kayfabe. The word is used to describe how the production is designed to give the crowd the impression that every hateful word spoke and every bloody beating is real. First they go out and work the crowd into a lather shouting and threatening each other. Next they get into the ring and put on a kayfabe show where it looks like they are pummeling their opponents while playing to the emotions of the crowd. If the shows script demands it real blood will be spilled. But the match is choreographed from beginning to end. Sometimes the match is a work other times it is a shoot. Sometimes the promoters step in and fix the ending of the script to suit their own interests in in determining the King of the Ring in what is often called a screwjob. And very often the scripted bitterest of enemies in the ring, are the closest of friends outside the spotlight. After the match many of the same bitter enemies can be found out on the town partying hardy together. The carny show must go on.

Quad City Examiner’s blog talked about the Joe Biden comment where he stated that an Obama/Biden presidency would be looking to hold Bush/Cheney responsible for any Iraq War activities that they deemed illegal. It was an overt sermon aimed at the Bush Deranged hoping to titillate and work the individuals into a mad-dog foaming lather so they will pass along their rabies to others. Also at both the Democrat and Republican conventions we, the voters, got to witness the various high-ranking party members from each party turn on fire and brimstone talk to their respective congregations. The speakers set out to fire up their constituency by producing highly animated vocalizations condemning those (many of them openly claimed as friends and compatriots in the same bellowing vitriol) in the other political parties. The political rhetoric that both sides expel towards each other has gotten to the point that when Politicians speak about the other side, it sounds more like a script or promotion piece for the WWE Professional Wrestling Corp. than an actual discussion.

At the recent Political Party Conventions the two parties each put on their own version of kayfabe. The ranking members of the two opposing parties roared insults and accusation at each other. Some of the members were working the script as written while a few used their positions to shoot the production. They formed teams and selected the combatants for the next big card. Some team members defected to the other side. They all stirred up their crowds into frenzies to their personal benefit and to sell the A-Show. They all promoted their big match for the world championship election event this fall. Most of the opening events we will be witness to by each side during the next few election cycle months will be a work or a worked shoot; some of it will be a shoot. Those political promoters with the power to influence the coming election will attempt to do so using advertising and insider political moves. They will use plants in the crowds, superstars, enforcers, stables and stooges that all offer play-by-play or inspiring promotional speeches to make the crowd pop. Then, after the A-Show election is over with, most of the same roaring politicians will still bellow and glare at each other in public then go out together after sessions to their favorite restaurants, have a few drinks and laugh about how they are going to work the next big political event. The kayfabe must go on.

(Words in Italics are Wrestling slang.)



  1. Very clever post—and informative, too—I learned a whole lot about wrestling I never knew before!

    PS: Thanks for the link!

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