Posted by: thescoundrel | September 9, 2008

Ron Paul Sez – Vote None of the Above

Well not really, but close. Ron Paul has went on record as recommending voters to reject the “Big Two”, Democrat and Republican Parties, by voting for a third-party candidate in the upcoming POTUS election. Rejecting the “Big Two” is an idea I have supported myself, except I prefer a real option of “None of the Above” on the ballot that would force any election not won by a predetermined amount of votes to be tossed out and political parties forced to offer up new candidates. It would limit the parties from being able to ram their favorite insider “golden boys and girls” down our throats.

Link to the Suzanne Gamboa & Sam Hananel article about Ron Paul.



  1. i am all about voting 3rd party or NOTA, but did he really come out against the 2 party system itself? would be kinda ironic considering he ran as a republican in the primary. and i am assuming he gets party support every time he is up for reelection for his seat as well.

  2. The Washington Post link died so I replaced the link with another site with the same story by Gamboa and Hananel.

    According to the story Paul is having a meeting with some of the 3rd party candidates, including Nader, on Wednesday. The AP article also claimed the following:

    Paul recommended Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party, former Georgia Republican Rep. Bob Barr of the Libertarian Party and former Georgia Democratic Rep. Cynthia McKinney of the Green Party.

    😆 It is more than strange to see a candidate from either party recommend a 3rd party candidate for the office! Paul seems to be looking to slap the Democrat and Republican parties in the face with his statement. To me – that was mostly what his campaign seemed all about, slapping the faces and kicking the shins of the Big Two.

  3. Last I heard, Barr was trying to get Paul to join his Libertarian Party ticket—have you heard anything more about that?

  4. All I have heard is what I printed. Paul is endorsing the third party candidates but I have not heard of where he has decided to take a VP nomination from any of those he tossed his support to.

  5. Great way to vote for none of the above here:

    doesn’t matter who you like

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