Posted by: thescoundrel | September 10, 2008

The Ten Commandments of the Church Of the Holy Obama

  1. Thou shall worship no other God except Obama the Omniscient
  2. Thou shall only worship the holy Obama images of progressive liberalism
  3. Thou shall speak no evil – hear no evil – know no evil- of fellow progressive liberals
  4. Thou shall not speak unkind words about the holy Obama or you are a racist
  5. Thou shall knell down with an empty mind three times daily before the Holy Obama’s TV Image and chant in falsetto His Mantra Change-and-Hope for twenty minutes
  6. Thou shall not kill except the legally unborn children
  7. Thou shall not cast untruths about others unless they are of conservative or moderate faith
  8. Thou shall covet and seize the riches of others’ labor
  9. Thou shall Tax-Tax-Tax the citizens and then Tax them some more
  10. Thou shall honor the UN as superior to your Federal and State Laws



  2. Thou shall not utter the word “lipstick” because Sarah Palin owns it now.
    Thous shall not utter a word against Republican policy, lest you be called “sexist”.
    Thous shall wipe all memory of shameful treatment of Hillary Clinton from one’s mind, since now the Republicans are “feminists”.
    Thou shalt worship at the altar of Karl Rove, the demonic slime bucket.


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