Posted by: thescoundrel | September 13, 2008

And They All Laughed – Well Some of Them Proabably Laughed

When politicians and entrepreneurs get their power and money super-duper-vision locked in ambition mode they often manage to produce some very tasteless creative moments. Some of those creative moments create some very well deserved backlash. The current run for the 2008 election for USA President has seen no lack of those same tasteless moments. Both campaigns, often through their would be supporters, have managed to generate some questionable trashy material aimed at deriding the other candidates. As so often is the case with humor one persons belly laugh is an insult on/to another person. And while the Obama campaign has been getting by with their tactless shots at McCains age, like the most recent attack on his age using McCains lack of computer skills to point out that he is from a generation that avoids computers as much as possible-so that makes him really old, the Obama camp really got slapped in the face with their sexist attacks on Palin. It is hard to say what will trip the trigger of the public and they feign shock claiming one side or the other has stepped over the insult line. A Republican group, evidently disappointed they were losing the insensitive war in campaign 2008, fired back with their own Grade A top-of-the-line shot at Obama. In a moment where all the people at a forum must have had their blinders on, they allowed two writers to set up shop selling Obama Waffle mix. The “waffle” idea was actually a tried and true method of attack but as so often is the case with political attack cartoons they exaggerate physical features of the individual they are lampooning. The idea, while a great satirical idea for Mad Magazine and political cartoonists, was certainly out of place in a political rally considering the racial connotations that the cartoonish product created. It was without doubt one of the worst moments of political stupidity I have seen offered up by anyone a part of the various candidate groups in this long-long-long 2008 campaign. It rates right up there with the age bigotry advertisements Obama has been using on McCain. At least someone at the rally had enough good sense to stop the selling of the Obama Waffle Mix item after realizing the writers good taste had been overridden by their create a laugh to feed their greed to make a buck. You have to wonder if Obama camp will do the same with their bigoted attacks on McCain’s age and Palin’s gender? Well I can only say I would not hold my breath waiting for either side to cease and desist. It is just part of what Politics has always been and a way that both sides can then claim moral victory and rally their troops when the other side makes these bigoted mental mistakes.

And They All Laughed – Well, Some of Them Probably Laughed – Some of the Time – But only When the Joke Served Their Rationality of Beliefs. And They All Lived Happily Ever After – Well at Least Some of Them Did – Some of the Time- When They Could Rationalize Away Their Personal Actions and Responsibility, No Matter How Tasteless! Ahh, Life and Politics –> such perfect, pristine and beautiful worlds.

Wow for some reason I really feel like singing a few verses of the Big Rock Candy Mountain about now.



  1. A theScoundrel extra added bonus link!

    Only 102 Sleeps, Seven Hours and Twenty-Seven.xx minutes until Santa Arrives. Whoo Hoo!

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