Posted by: thescoundrel | September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike Causes MLB to Move Chicago Cubs – Houston Astros Series to Milwaukee.

Two of the three Cubs/Astros games scheduled this weekend, that were postponed because of Hurricane Ike ravaging the lower parts of Texas, have been moved to Miller Park in Milwaukee, home of the Brewers. Although the Astros said that their home park was playable the team and league agreed it would be better to move the games while the city of Huston is recovering from the damage created by Hurricane Ike. The first game will be played Sunday evening at 7:05 P.M. WGN TV and radio will carry the game. The second game of the series will be played at 1:05 P.M. on Monday and telecast by Comcast Sports TV and WGN Radio. The third game of the set will only be played if the Central Division standings ends in a manner which the game would have a meaningful effect on the final placement in the standings. That game would be played on Sept. 29 in Houston.

That is a tremendously bad series of events for Houston, their citizens, Astros’ fans and the team. They not only have the personal struggles and clean-up following the hurricane to face; the fans and team will also lose all the home field advantages they would have had, by playing this series in their home stadium in Houston. The Astros will not have the home field advantage they were due – plus they must now face the Cubs in a park close enough to Chicago that Cub fans regularly fill up the park when the Cubs play the Brewers. It is basically a reversal of home-field fortune for Houston that they will have to overcome if they are to win. Not only has the game been moved closer to their Cubs’ home, but the postponed games have also given the Cubs team some much needed extra rest as the team was struggling to win. Another consideration is that the Astros had been on a hot winning streak that risks be cooled off from all the events surrounding the postponement.

You have to feel sympathy and sorrow for the suffering of the people in Huston following the effects of the hurricane. And this is a really awful break at many levels for the Astros team. But as negative as it may sound – the game goes on – and the Cubs need to keep looking forward and play to hard to win this series. I would expect no less from the Astros.



  1. The commissioner really gave the Astros a neutral site to play their makeup-Milwaukee!

  2. I think the league realized that there was no neutral site when it came to this game. The Cubs fans were going to flock to this game in numbers wherever it was held. Most of the Astro fans were going to be tied up with hurricane Ike’s aftermath. So the league opted for convenience and the extra revenue a game in Milwaukee would offer.

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