Posted by: thescoundrel | September 21, 2008

Racism – Alive and Living Well Within the Democrat Party

Since I started blogging one of the things I have made clear is that though I consider myself a mostly Conservative – partially Moderate – partially Liberal Independent –> I have walked political paths with both of the major parties during my 29+ years of life. And I have stated over and over again that I find both parties lacking in many ways. Though I have had to deal with critics from both Political Parties, on my blog and other blogs I post on, by far the vilest sermons have come from the Democrats. I can understand that since I tend to have more conservative beliefs than liberal and it is displayed in my posts. As a smaller blog I do not have to worry about the amount of vitriol I run into at some of the busy blogs, both conservative and liberal sites. Plus when I am in the mood I can give attitude as good as I get attitude. Those comments I find too offensive on my blog, I delete, moderate and have even banned a couple of authors. The biggest beef I have had to date is that some posters take insulting and denigrating at a personal level as the method of discussion. Which is really a problem with the extremist party loyalists from both parties. I suspect that the only reason I have not had to deal with the extremist right party loyalists on a more regular basis is that I do not post that often on the few liberal causes I have attached myself to. Which brings me to today’s rant.

I am a Big Non-Supporter of Barack Obama! If you cannot figure that out through my posts then you probably need glasses. My posts are not rocket science. If you are looking for that I suggest talking to a couple of my friends or my brother. They took the hardcore engineering classes I took the business route. The favorite evocative word from the mouth of the Obamanation when someone criticizes the Church of the Holy Obama is calling the critic –> racist! Which is the not so secret way the Obama Cardinals, Bishops and disciples use to hide his failings. My main retorts to their racist accusations has been to remind them that most of the racist behavior I have seen demonstrated in my dealings with the individuals of both parties has been that the most of the political racism and bigotry is usually found in the backyards of the Democrat party. My socialization with individuals of mostly middle class and poor has found it especially prevalent among those individuals that also can also be easily classified as the Bush Deranged of the Democrat party. They seem especially adept at throwing around racial slurs when they think they are in a safety zone. As I was commenting on another blog, I wish that one of the parties had nominated a black candidate that I felt comfortable with simply because it would have irritated the Bush Deranged I know, because they know – I would have tended to support someone like a Harold Ford or Colin Powell over most of the potential candidates that ran. The reason I bring this up is that a recently released AP-Yahoo! poll discussed the very problem I have uttered since I started blogging: the prevalent racism faction that obstructs Obama’s path to the White House lies not in the Republican or Independents of the USA but within the very fabric of the Democrat Party itself! The poll poses that there are close to 1/3 of the Democrat party members that Obama will have to overcome their racist beliefs in order to win the November election. I am not a big believer in polls but from my experiences with both the Democrat and Republican Party followers I can believe that there is a lot of accuracy in their findings. Most people I know that are either Independent or Republican are similar to myself in that they object to Obama’s political essence, not his race. Does that mean I do not think that there are some Republicans and Independents that are still racist at heart – that would be foolish thinking. Will the rampant racism within the Democrat Party stop Obama from winning the election? I do not know. I truly believe that there are a lot of people like myself that can look past the color of a persons skin when they enter the voting booth. But the poll displays that there are still a lot of people out there that cannot look past the color of a persons skin when they enter the voting booth, many of them a crucial part of the Democrat Party November voting bloc.



  1. Yep, there’s racist Democrats too. Thanks for the news flash.

    I guess that makes the barely disguised racism in the Republican party not as bad? I’m not sure if that’s your point, but seems to be.

    And there’s one fact that can’t be argued. That’s that if you’re a racist, the odds that you’re a Republican are way, WAY higher than that you’d choose to be a Dem.

    Why do you think the south goes Republican every time? Why do you think David Duke, a leader of the Ku Klux Klan ran as a Republican for governor?

    Of course not all Republicans are racist. That would be idiotic to assume, as it’s clearly not the case.

    But I can safely say that the majority of those who are racist are Republican. There’s simply too much evidence.

    Did you notice all the black delegates at the Republican national convention?

    Neither did I.

    Only an individual and their conscience knows whether their fear of or racial bias is playing a part in their choice of president.

    But clearly it’s playing a large role, in attempting to perpetuate the lie that Obama is Muslim, and all the other wiled lies being pedalled and clung to by those who should know better.

    As to those who say that they simply prefer McCain over Obama purely on the issues, that’s of course their right as well.

    But when you look around and see what the policies that John McCain has heartily endorsed and supported have lead to, you might understand why it’s a bit hard to understand why someone would vote for it to continue, if race didn’t play some role, even if subconscious.

  2. here would be my take of it all. there’s plenty of valid criticism of obama that has nothing to do with race. most of it probably comes from folks that don’t care about his race either. and there are plenty of democrats that can have good debates about those criticisms without resorting to the racism card. unfortunately, what always gets put out there is the idiot people who cry racism. they are the ones conservatives use as poster children for the whole half of the country that is identified as liberal or democrat.

    though i think you would be surprised at how much the same has happened with palin. you don’t dare criticize her, or you are a frothing sexist… i think thats something that has been made quite clear over at qce.

    i actually sent qce a story that a friend of mine had written after attending a mccain/palin rally. he made note of how many people at the rally kept referring to palin basically as a piece of meat that they wanted to have their way with. yet democrats are the sexist ones for pointing out her policy flaws?

  3. Scoundrel, uou scooped me again!

    Here’s the link I was going to riff on.

    It’s from a Pittsburgh PA newspaper and it’s about how “racist” blue collar union Democrats are.

    The column claims that some of the reasons these Reagan Democrats won’t vote for Obama is because he’s black, because of his “cultural style” and because he’s pro-choice.

    This was the killer graff:

    “Part of Obama’s problem is the contrast he presents: on one day alone last week, he spoke passionately about the country’s economic concerns, then zipped off to Los Angeles to raise 9 million from Hollywood’s elites.”

    I dunno, I guess perception is reality—John McCain doesn’t exactly live the downtrodden life either. Maybe it’s because McCain isn’t thumping the populist themes—or maybe not.

  4. Dang! Where’s the edit button on this thang?

    Scoundrel, I wanted to add a PS that I hope you don’t mind me using your comment section as a landfill for my half-baked projects. 😀


    Robbie, it’s unfair for you to claim that I characterized any criticism about Palin on my blog as “sexist”.

    If you remember, the initial comments about her had nothing to do with policy or issues, judgment or experience, it was all about her pregnant daughter, her special needs son, was she a good mother, etc. These are questions no one would dream of asking a male candidate, and to me that is sexist.

    Nobody was asking Obama if all his time away from home in service of his ambitions was hurting his daughters or his marriage. Why not?


  6. qce – well i just recall several times over there where as soon as anyone questioned palin, we were suddenly ‘get back in the kitchen’ sexists who were afraid to see a woman succeed. personally, i think the only thing i ever said was that i thought that her daughter getting knocked up did reflect badly on her. (though i will once again reiterate i don’t think that made her responsible for her daughter)

    but i guess this is best left for another time. hate to derail scoundrels comments! (also wouldn’t want mowen to get involved)

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