Posted by: thescoundrel | September 23, 2008

Public Sex Proves a Fatal Choice

Sex in public places seems to be an adventure a lot of amorous couples like to experiment with. Just a few weeks ago I wrote about a European couple caught and arrested  having sex in a church. Locally here in the Quad Cities I have ran into people having sex in public places like parking lots, swimming pools and a favorite among the local hotel crowds – elevators. Some people seem to have a huge  voyeuristic appetite for others to watch them have sex. Most of them at least have the good sense to put on their show in relative safety. I suppose the South African couple talked about in a BBC article assumed they were having steamy sex in a safe public when they chose a normally unused train track to explore their sexual fantasies. Their choice of public sex destination turned out to be a fatal choice as both were killed by a train that decided to use the tracks.



  1. Whenever I hear about train accidents (my great uncle was killed by one) I think, why didn’t the person just get out of the way?

    Having lived near train tracks I know they make a ton of noise passing through. But apparently on the track themselves it’s tough to hear or even feel them coming and they move much faster than it appears. 500 ppl died on train track last year?Scary.

  2. I had a few people I know die in train accidents. One was a guy I knew trying to beat the train with his car. Another happened a block from where I lived at the time when a couple of the kids I was going to school with were playing chicken on the railroad tracks. Their car stalled and would not start then only two of the four made it out of the car before the train hit. Trains are not forgiving when they hit you.

  3. From reading the BBC story, it appears to me that this was some sort of weird suicide pact.

    Now, I can maybe see the romanticism of wanting to die simultaneously while, uh. . . you know, but being smashed to smithereens by a train is a pretty brutal way to go.

    If you’re gonna do something like that, I’d advise to go the Romeo and Juliet way—poison!

    And leave a pretty corpse!;-)

  4. The suicide thing crossed my mind also. But one of the things that was brought out in the story was this was a set of tracks that are normally unused tracks. I would think a suicide pact would have chosen a busier section of railways to have sex on. Plus my understanding is that most suicides leaves notes or pacts rationalizing their motives and actions. WE may never know what happened. My thinking was more on the line of a couple looking for a little titillation. I have lived by railroad tracks a lot of my life. And one thing about the tracks is that the vibration carries a long way especially if a train is going by on a main rail at a fast clip of speed. An unused sidetrack similar to what was described close to a busy rail would offer you the the public factor, the anticipated shake-rattle & roll of a train passing through and a false sense of security. If the couple was totally engaged in their activity is is highly plausible that they would not have heard the shouts over the noise from the moving train. When I was a kid we used to walk around the Hillsdale train tracks exploring as kids will do. If the train was traveling of any speed you would often have trouble understanding someone standing right next to you.

    I often wonder if the danger factor is not as much of a turn on as the chance of getting caught for the couples engaging is public sex adventures. Some of the places like hotel elevators at least offer a modicum of safety. When I was going to college and doing the third shift security thing you would run into couples having sex in public places that were often risky areas to even walk in or even park your car. I once broke-up a tryst of four guys and a gal in a rocking and rolling van parked outside in a RI parking lot. Many of those that I interfered with their public exploits could just as easily been approached by a mugger or rapist instead of a security agent telling them to zip up and move along.

  5. Just finding out about this via Cracked! Anyway, the noise from the moving train is the reason it’s gotta be deliberate. Trains are really loud. I live five blocks from a railroad track and have no problem knowing when a train is going over it, horn or no horn. There is *no way* to miss that one is coming at you. When they heard all that noise, they’d have moved; they wouldn’t even have had to *stop,* just roll over a bit.

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