Posted by: thescoundrel | September 24, 2008

Russia Benefits from Enabling Iranian-Israeli Conflict

In a speech addressing the UN, Iranian leader/Mullah Puppet, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, vowed to continue with Iran’s current nuclear objectives. What exactly those objectives consist of are controversial and creating an atmosphere where the possibility of violent intervention becomes more and more a real possibility. I know most of the World was and still is hoping that diplomacy will win out and cooler heads will prevail. Russia in its recent posture to display itself as a renewed dominate superpower in the European continent has not helped by lobbying against strict economic and technology sanctions against Iran, which UN peacemakers would use in an attempt to corral in the Ahmadinejad push to become a nuclear weapon power. Considering Iranian leaderships’ overtly hostile posture regarding Israel and its right to exist, I cannot imagine Israel allowing events to progress to the point – Iran actually develops nuclear weapons capability. Factor in the recent Russian attempt at hobbling an unusual allied UN effort to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of the ruling radical Iranian mullahs and their puppet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; it makes a violent Israeli process of curtailing Iranian nuclear capabilities closer to a reality than an apprehension. And I could not fault Israel if they felt pressured by current Iranian Leaderships anti Israeli rhetoric in to making an attack on Iranian nuclear plans.

No matter the directions taken, this series of events should play well with Russian intentions to increase their power structure. The events will no doubt continue to bring around closer relations between Russia and Iran both countries seem to be working towards. An Israeli attack, or even the threat of an attack, on Iran could also help Russia by creating an expanded market for Russian weaponry. However the best probable influence for Russia is that the more aggressive the conflict, the more it would also drive up the price of oil in the market place making Russian treasuries, from petroleum products, even heavier with golden treasure. If Iran came out of the events unscathed — Russia benefits by lending a helping hand and extending their alliance. If Iran is attacked and was seriously damaged by the process, Russia still wins as they rush in to pick up the pieces and make the country into an oil-rich Russian satellite nation. Russia can just sit in the background shadows benefiting from any and all of the chaos, while raking in the money whatever Israeli/Iranian avenues are taken. As long as Russia manages to sit on the sidelines, helping Iran stay at conflict with Israel by hindering outside attempts at a peaceful intervention, it is a win-win situation for the Russian Bear. The problem with enabling vipers like the current leadership of Iran, is once you pick them up, like the former US-Bin Laden connection, there is always the chance they will turn and bite you in a fit of instinctive anger.


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