Posted by: thescoundrel | September 25, 2008

China – Contaminated Food Export Scandals Continues

It has been since early 2007 since I started blogging that there has been news of contaminated food products exported by China causing health problems. There was dog food/treats that turned up contaminated. There was contaminated gluten that made it into the domesticated fish and livestock feed sold here in the US. There was poisoned toothpaste and cough syrup that was released into several world-wide markets. There was even a shipment of it stopped from entering the US. Most recently there was an infants/milk scare where several children were poisoned with contaminated milk products. These problems were not accidental. The toothpaste and cough syrup contamination occurred when a manufacturer included a poisonous anti-freeze product in the ingredients to cheapen the cost. The other products were all contaminated with a combination of melamine and cyanuric acid, which has proved dangerous to humans and pets. The products are added either directly or indirectly though animal/fish feed to products tested for protein content; they then create a false positive testing score making the product imitate products with higher protein content. In some cases companies had paid of government officials to get their products to market. A recent government official stated that they were solving the problem and the danger was minimal. Hmm that is almost reassuring, except that the melamine/ cyanuric acid contamination problem has been repeated continually, without successful intervention by the Chinese Government. Sadly, these kinds of events are not unique to China. The Chinese Government has expressed remorse over the infant milk scandal, mostly because it also effected mainland China. But it seems evident that either the Chinese Government takes a mostly unresponsive attitude towards the danger presented or that they are way over their heads in product safety checks, even more likely – both.


The European Union has imposed a ban on some Chinese products and will require other products to undergo strict testing.


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