Posted by: thescoundrel | September 25, 2008

Mr. Potter is Buying Five Billion Dollars of Bargains

Many people in the USA and the World are busy tossing around accusations and starting to panic over the current banking crisis. The crisis is a two headed monster created by greedy banking executives and people overextending themselves in housing and credit purchases. Many of us may or may not suffer financially from the actions of others before this crisis is over. And though you cannot blame anyone for worrying -especially the banking industry and those citizens that have overextended themselves- people with cool heads are already capitalizing on everybody else’s panic. And to steal a quote from the movie classic “It’s A Wonderful Life” : Mr. Potter is not panicking, Mr. Potter is not selling. Mr. Potter is buying –> about five billion dollars worth of bargains.



  1. Hi scoundrel, I saw this article and thought of you:

    But I’m sure you’ve had similar encounters yourself since you are a victim of reverse racism.

  2. It is nice to know that you are thinking of me Pioneer. Was the effigy hanging some of you or your friends’ efforts? I hope not. But the hung effigy is just the type of things I have come to expect from the Democratic Party faction whom also birthed the Bush Deranged movement. They are all blinded to the point of ignorance by the hate they have stored up inside. Not that that type of thing surprises me. I have seen worse. You ever inform on your best friend for committing what would now be called a hate crime? I have. You ever watch a tar and feathering followed by a ride on a rail? I saw the end of such an event once when I was about six. Not a fun thing for a kid to stumble upon. It leaves an impression you do not forget. You ever had to physically deal with bigotry on a personal level aimed at friends or family and sometimes committed by members within your circle of family and friends. I have. I have had to deal with these and worse things in life. So if you are still offended by my calling you out on your own personal shortcomings – learn to live with it for I feel no regret for calling you out on your hypocrisy. You are like many other people I have known, too busy trying to judge and clean-up someone else’s backyard when it is really just refuse that has blown from your yard into your neighbors. Sorry about your shortcomings. Sears sells a nice garbage compactor if your trash bin is overflowing. 😉

    P.S. If you have information you would like to share about a post feel free to post but keep it on topic. Any further attempts to sooth your bruised ego will be deleted.

  3. Another Mr. Potter capitalizes on other peoples misery. While the world panics – JP Morgan gets richer.

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