Posted by: thescoundrel | September 25, 2008

Nearly 3000 French Restaurants in Bankruptcy

According to a BBC article France has seen a 20% decline in restaurant sales helping to cause the closure of almost 3000 French eating establishments over the last six months, with almost 1800 of them traditional style restaurants. French experts are partially blaming cultural eating habits that show a trend of the French citizenry becoming Americanized by choosing sandwiches/snacks and fast food selections. Another reason they are laying partial blame on is the ban on smoking in restaurants which has seen a shift away from eating in restaurants and bars where smoking is not allowed and the smokers instead choosing to eat in their homes. They also claim that the high value of the Euro has seen a lot of drop in tourist traffic that would normally eat at the restaurants. But the biggest blame fell on a weak economy that has seen less disposable income as the French people seek to balance their personal finances. When economies are tough, luxuries like eating out in nice restaurants with silverware and tablecloths are often cut back everywhere. Quoting Peter Falk in the movie “All the Marbles” Those frills cost money! Ouch yes they do my friends!

link to the full story on the BBC



  1. At least they figured out the causes. We just wonder when it’s going to hit here since we have a lot of the same problems.

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