Posted by: thescoundrel | September 26, 2008

Democrat Party and Obama Campaign Expresses Bigotry Towards Cancer Patients

The Barack Obama campaign along with his mesmerized followers that cry bigotry and racism if you question any of his political qualifications have committed themselves in another round of bigoted attacks on John McCain. The latest ad, designed as another Obama scare tactic attack questioning Cancer patient survivors ability to function is evidently so vile, that so far the only media company willing to run it has been cable TV desperate MSNBC. They have even went so far as to getting doctors to act as vultures in a petition seeking McCains private medical records, that have already been released to the press for viewing once, in an effort to reinforce their bigoted attack. They are doing this despite McCain previously allowing press access to over one thousand pages of his medical records, despite McCain have released another document from his personal physician summarizing his health history that expressed McCain in good health and despite that his records have shown him to be cancer free for over six years. What will they seek next an autopsy performed while he is still alive and breathing? It sounds like the Obama campaign and his worshipers feel you should just shoot cancer patients in the head and bury them. The thing is many in my family have to deal with cancer as part of our lives on a regular basis. It is not usually a case of “if” cancer but when, which one and how long for many in my family. One member has had four bouts of cancer, two that came close to killing the individual, has been cancer free, for roughly the same time period as McCain and is still more active and alert than most of the lazy jackasses running this country with their lazy lard butts stuck in taxpayer paid chairs. They should have paid this close of scrutiny towards former local member of Congress Democrat Lane Evans when he was so ill with Parkinsons Disease the last decade he was in office. Who knows maybe then we would not have had been stuck with Feckless Philobluster Hare sucking out all the oxygen and donuts in Washington. Now there is another someone that could stand some of that Big Brother Sponsored Health scrutiny the Obama campaign is attempting to force on McCain. I suggest the next time the Obamanation screams bigotry and racism when someone question the Holy Ones political qualifications they look to clean up the refuse in their own back yards first. You can take the Holy One, Barack Obama, out of Chicago hang a phony tag of hope and change on the man – but you cannot take the corrupt Chicago Political Soul out of the man whom would be President!

This latest round of bigotry comes from the political activist group Democracy for America, a group formed by the current chairman of the Democrat Party – Howard Dean and now run by his brother James Dean, that originated under the name Dean for America to further Howard Deans political aspirations. Included in this masterpiece of bigotry was another political activist group Brave New PAC, whose chairman Lawrence Lessig is an adviser to Barack Obama and his campaign. They are parts of the Obama Messiah Campaign and they approved that bigoted attack message on McCain and all Cancer patients and survivors.



  1. An interesting choice of name for a political activist group- Brave New PAC. Reminds me of Brave New World! Brave New World the Huxley book talking of a Utopian society built on predetermined castes controlled by drugs and conditioned by starting at birth with mind control. Name Coincidence? I doubt it!

  2. There does seem to be a double standard when it comes to releasing medical information.

    Andrea Zinga never knew what hit her when she asked a legitimate question about how all the heavy-duty drugs Evans was taking for his Parkinson’s was effecting his performance, and rather than give an honest answer, he unleashed the grievance patrol and suddenly everybody was shrieking about how Zinga “hated the disabled”. Sheesh! I hate the local Democrats!

    Then back in ’04 John Kerry was discovered to have prostate cancer during the campaign, but he refused to release any medical information—and the pro-Kerry press certainly wasn’t going to push it.

    Now in ’08, it is just as you say—McCain has released thousands of page of medical information while Obama release a letter from his doctor, saying everything was okey-dokey.

    It’s too bad all the cancer survivors don’t rise up, like the “disabled” did in support of Evans, and shame Obama for putting out this ad.

  3. Yes there is a define double standard especially when events and statements are associated with his Holiness the American Pope Obama.

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