Posted by: thescoundrel | September 26, 2008

Source Leaks Israel Sought US Support To Strike Iran in May

An unnamed source supposedly has confirmed a previous rumor to the British Press, that back in May Israeli PM Olmert had proposed a military strike on Iran’s nuclear project to officials in the US Government. That had been heavily rumored for some time earlier this year. The source also claimed that US President Bush had informed Olmert that he was not ready to support such a move. It was just a few weeks later, in June, when Israel performed a series of in-your-face military exercises in the Mediterranean region–> replicating possible attack maneuvers on critical Iranian locations. Russia has been adding stress to the region by dragging their feet and posturing for increased tentacles in the Iran and the Middle East, by blocking coalition attempts seeking Iran to give up its quest for nuclear weapons. There was some possible good news for the region today. Though no details have yet been released, it was announced that the US and Russia had reached an agreement to seek a new UN resolution involving the building Iran crisis. I will assume it is more Russian foot shuffling until proven otherwise. I will not hold my breath waiting for something real to emerge from this agreement until all sides come out and show me the money. In the meantime I can only assume that Israel is logically waiting, planning and preparing to make a military strike on Iran nuclear facilities if they continue to push for nuclear weapons capability.


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