Posted by: thescoundrel | October 3, 2008

The Sarah Palin Flaws

One of perhaps the strangest oddities in US history has been why women have never climbed to the top of the political ladder as a US President. Women leaders have been elevated to the highest points of leadership in many countries – even in some countries that are heavily populated with cultures very restrictive of womens rights. Yet the US has yet to even promote a woman to VP much less President. I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton but I was sure she would be the Democrat Party nominee for President or at least Vice president this year. I was wrong. After a huge initial ratings surge Republican VP nominee, Sarah Palin, has also seen her popularity decline. A lot of that decline has been with women that had been rushing towards her candidacy. Whew, that is a relief, most often the finger is pointed at us men when it comes to the reason that women stumble and flail when climbing corporate and political ladders!!

I had a good, yet sad, chuckle reading a Time/Yahoo article by Belinda Luscombe, which suggests that women may be other womens’ worst enemies when climbing the ladders of power. Her article discussed why some women hate the Sarah Palin candidacy. The reasons sound petty but one thing I have noticed about life during my 29+ years of life on this planet is that petty arguments can often create the most vile of repercussions. Sigh, after reading her article I understand a little better why I, like so many other men, have so much trouble figuring out what women want. According to Luscombe if you want to ascertain why so many women have turned on Palin you can look at Luscombe’s three-point pass/fail exam on whether other women will like a woman climbing the ladders of power. Those questions include (my personal revelations inside the parentheses) :

  1. She is too pretty. Other women resent women perceived more pretty than themselves. (I guess I would be in trouble if I were a woman as I can usually find something attracting about most women, unless they are mean and ugly on the inside.)
  2. She is too confident. According the author a woman must not be overly confident or too much of a push-over but fall somewhere in between. (I actually understand the idea of over-confident/push-over people being a turn off. Yet the tome of the article leaves me with an unrealistically narrow range of existence for an individual to survive in. Okay this reminds me of the logic behind women complaining about the ridiculous Kate Moss like beauty standards while starving themselves so they can fit in jeans two-sizes too small.)
  3. She could embarrass the rest of women. There is the fear that she got a job because she was a woman and not deserving of the position she received. (A possibility. But that rubs both ways. If I had a million bucks for every person -man or woman- I have seen in positions of power that were undeserving of the title they owned I would be very-very-very rich. Nepotism rules in business and politics. It is not fair but it happens and you live with it. Complain a lot – it is the only way to point out the problem. But when someone I know or liked reaches a position that proves them not worthy, it does not embarrass me. That is their embarrassment.)

My summary can best be summed up by a Vinnie Barbarino quote–>


But that is probably not all that surprising, we men have been saying that for years when trying to figure out women!



  1. Welcome to the club. I’m 57 and still haven’t figured them out. Politics is one subject a lot of people get crazy on. It gets worse than the car guys and the Ford vs Chevy debate.

  2. Explain to me just Why Hillary is qualified over Palin to serve any office. My guess is that there is a deep seeded guilt that she has put up with Bill C. for so long that she deserves to be President. Virtually no real hands -on experience. Yea, she’s quite bright and tought. That’s it though. Questional judgement though.

  3. 😆 Yeah Cruiser I still have not figured out the Ford Chevy war myself.

    Perry I can’t give you any reason why Palin is any less qualified than Clinton. Considering those that made the final cut for executive nominees the relative Rookie, Palin, is more experienced in executive decisions than any of the people going down the stretch. She has had more executive experience than Obama, Biden or McCain. The Palin hater mantra seems to be she must be a dumb blonde since she does not look like some mean and bitter woman.

  4. The ugliness against Sarah Palin is an embarrassment to my gender.

    I think most of this unhinged hatred by women against Palin has to do with class and ideology.

    Most liberals don’t think you deserve honor and high office unless you have gone to the best schools. They think Palin is beneath them because she isn’t part of the Harvard-Yale-Princeton axis of elitism. It seems pluck and hard work isn’t enough—you have to go to the right school—and/or be married to a former POTUS.

    The other part of the hatred has to do with ideology. Ever since feminism became leftwing, man-hating liberalism, no woman is a “real” woman unless she marches in lockstep with this extremist “all sex is rape” ideology. Most of these losers are from the 60s first wave of feminism, which 40ish Palin doesn’t fit.

    So the claim that Palin is hated because she is too pretty, too confident and an embarrassment is just bogus CYA from the same women who supported serial sexual harasser Bill Clinton and who hate her because she thrived and succeeded on her own terms rather than theirs.

    The hysterical unhinged hatred these women show toward Palin makes me want to trade in one of my X chromosomes for a Y! 😉

  5. Yeah she is getting a lot of flaack for her “inexperience” from the same people whom defend his holiness Obama’s inexperience.

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